Warren & Nathan were with me today on what turned out to be the nicest one, so far this fall. Although the air temps were a chilly 38 degrees at the start, they climbed all the way to the 60’s by afternoon. Sunshine & no wind and it was the perfect setting for today’s outing! Water temps were amazingly almost 56 degrees at the highest and the fish should be active. We began with a troll for the mythical one and unfortunately, it remained a myth. By mid morning we pulled the plug and headed for bass. With Warren on a blade and Nathan on a soft plastic, they began combing the water in search of big bass. Ironically, it took a little longer than I had expected but eventually they found em. Warren hammered a nice one and seconds later, Nathan was locked up as well. Both smallies were decent fish but I wanted bigger! The search continued and Nathan nailed another but this time it was much bigger. Into the livewell for a few pics later and back to the task at hand. By covering a few different zones they were able to monopolize on where the big ones were and we found them. They were schooled here and all we had to do was slow down and pick them off one at a time. In the next couple of hours, many big ones were hooked & landed and many more hooked and lost. For some reason most of them weren’t staying on but they were definitely here. Soft plastic accounted for the bulk of these fish with some of them well over 4 pounds. At one point Nathan spent about 5 minutes battling another sturgeon and I had to chase it with the electric. We were about 500 yards from the hookup when I was finally able to grab it for the pics. Quite a battle on only 10 pound line! We motored back to the area producing all the bites and hooked a few more before pulling out. A relocation was in order as we had picked at them pretty good here. I tried a deep water drift, but soon found out that this wasn’t the place to be and moved again. The next area was slow as well but at least it put a few fish in the boat. By drop shotting a ledge, a couple of smallies and a nice walleye of about 7 pounds was brought to net. Too bad they hadn’t stacked up in this place yet as that was all she wrote. It was time to pull the plug and off to the ramp we went. Although the fishing had many a dead period, there were definitely some quality bass landed today. Fish from 3 to over 4 pounds were the norm and they put several of them in the boat. Too bad we couldn’t have monopolized on all the others we missed. Regardless, it was still a really pleasant day to be on the water with these beautiful fall conditions & they had pics to prove it!!