Craig & Herm were back again for the second day and wondering what it would bring. It seems like every time we get together, something interesting occurs and this time would be no different! We hit the water before 8 under a heavy overcast sky that made day feel more like evening. With no wind present, the already 54 degree air temps were a welcomed treat. So much so that there were plenty of other boats thinking the same thing and out fishing as well! We rolled into our first area with high expectations and it didn’t take long before Herm was locked up. He managed to get a decent bass of 3 pounds or better on the third cast and started the day off with a bang. After boating another of equal size Craig finally got in the game as well. His fish looked to be over four pounds when it took to the air and suddenly, it got a whole lot heavier. He had thought that maybe the fish had buried itself into either rocks or weeds because he could barely move it. Right away I had a bad feeling and it was quickly confirmed as I slid the boat over towards his line. Yuup, there lies the problem! We were witnessing why these things are the apex predator as a huge muskie had the bass crossways and locked in its jaws. It was like a scene out of the movies without all the scary music! That poor bass didn’t see it coming and instantly became bait! This cat & mouse game went on for almost 10 minutes as we stayed right on top of the show. I followed the fight as Craig carefully tried to keep pressure on the two fish. If I could have gotten a shot at the lunge with the boga we may have had some incredible pictures. I guess she just got tired of being pulled around and finally let the bass go. What a mess the bass was too as it looked like someone had tried to scale the poor thing. Scars and scrapes all over and a couple of open wounds as well. I took a few quick pics and released it back to the water and amazingly it bolted to the bottom. I don’t know if this 4.5 pound smallie will survive, but you just never know. I have caught bass before that looked like they had escaped the grips of muskie and healed over, so maybe this one would too. We regrouped after this shit show and went back to the task at hand. Although a couple of smaller fish were taken from here afterwards, it had slowed considerably and we relocated. Too many fish too little time! The next place had hookups almost immediately as well but nothing of any size. We covered water with both Craig & Herm catching on different lures but we wanted bigger. With all the other boats around I knew I would have to try something different and headed out to deeper water. I had some small areas that should hold fish and if they did, they would be good ones. I finally located exactly what I wanted and Craig was locked almost immediately! It was definitely a quality bass and soon came to the net. Another boat nearby saw us and casually started to move towards where we had hooked it. I love these guys!! I immediately went into tournament mode and placed the boat in between, so as they couldn’t hone in. It was a difficult spot in heavy current and I was sure they would just drift by but heard the beeping sound of a waypoint being punched in as they did. These %$#&@ guys make me sick!! I guess he’ll be checking it out the next time they’re on the water now that he knows where we were. After all, it’s definitely easier to find fish when others have done the work for you!! We held here for a little longer so as not to have them swing around and Craig managed to get a couple of other big bass in the process. Eventually we shifted areas once again and went back to just covering water with search baits. They managed to catch several other fish with a few decent ones in the mix before I pulled the plug entirely and headed for boat free waters. I really wanted to be alone and was glad to see no others nearby when we arrived. Almost instantly Craig hooked up on what should have been the biggest fish of the day only to have it come unpinned on the jump. Although upset, he went right back at it and soon afterwards, was locked again. This would be the largest one of the day as I slid the net under a bloated pumpkin! Instead of taking a pic, I released it into the livewell and had them right back in the game. Craig managed to get one other decent bass from here, but that was all she wrote! We took a few pictures of his trophy, put her back from where she came and ran to another area for more action. In the last couple of hours of the day there were plenty more quality bass caught. On our final stop, Herm hooked into his best fish of the day before we called it quits. They had both tangled with more bass today than the previous one and some surprises to boot! I think the earlier attack will be a story that we will remember for quite some time. Although not the first encounter that I’ve seen like this before, it was surely the most entertaining. I only wish I had gotten some sort of underwater footage as it would have been something to watch over & over again. In a few weeks Craig will be back again and who knows what surprises lie ahead? Maybe this time we will have more stories to tell and possibly pics to show as well. We both can’t wait to see what’s in store!!