Craig & Herm were in for their first fall hunt for smallies today and what a day it was. We started in the rain and drove in it all the way to the launch. When we arrived, it stopped and we were able to everything in dry conditions. We dropped the boat in and ran to the first spot relatively smoothly but with a pretty good east wind and chop. Once we arrived, it didn’t take long before the rain started up again and back into the wetness we went. From this point on, wet would be the theme of the day! It didn’t matter though as bad weather keeps all the flies out of our way and today there weren’t any other boats around. I wish every day could be just like this! We tried a variety of presentations without anything and eventually went to deep water and a slow drag. Craig locked up first and brought a great starter fish to the boat soon after, that was a real bruiser. Herm followed up with another but considerably smaller and I thought we were gonna just crush em. How wrong I was as only one other three pounder was to be caught from here and another move was in order. Next location, another big one came to the boat and things were looking up. Craig managed a couple more bruisers and they both caught a few other small ones before we just pulled the plug and ran to another location all together. This area had produced only 4 huge fish, but today wasn’t about the numbers, but rather the size. As the rain was pouring nicely upon us still, we made a long run to fish another area looking for more smallies. Ironically, it proved to be even tougher until I moved to one spot that just seemed to be loaded. The winds were blowing on this section and by covering water we were able to find a good group of decent bass willing to eat. In the last hour or so of the day, close to 10 quality bass were landed before we called it quits. The winds were kicking up even stronger from the east now and unanimously, we pulled the plug. Craig had managed to start the first of several fall trips off with a bang and definitely got what he had come for. Hopefully the next ones will be equally as rewarding and Herm will get his too. Once back at the ramp, the rain stopped and we were able to get out of all the wet raingear comfortably. It was ironic to have such a strange weather pattern today with all the rain, but I don’t think we could have asked for anything more. No boats and big bass were the best reward. Bring on more foul weather!!!