Brian & I decided to try another body of water today in hopes of a variety of fish. He really wanted to get some walleye and I knew just the place! I think we were on the lake and had the lines in the water just around 8:00, trolling for the eyes. There was barely a ripple on the water and the temps were right around 56 degrees. Sunshine and a little cloud surrounded us with air temps hovering at 53 degrees and expected to climb into the mid 60’s. The first rip happened in less than 5 minutes but unfortunately didn’t stay pinned. Shortly after, another reel fired and he was locked up. I was marking all kinds of fish in this area and knew it was just a matter of time before we were into them. After a good little battle on light tackle, I slid the net under his first walleye. It fell right into the slot at just over 19 inches and was going to be dinner tonight. I reset the line and trolled around the same area when another reel fired. This time however it turned out to be a northern of about 8 pounds and released immediately. A couple more drive byes & the other reel fires. This one was acting like a big fish and I really thought he had a good photo Walter. To both our surprise, it ended up being a lunge and really took him for a ride. After a lengthy battle on the light line, I got a boga locked on it and brought him into the boat. Several pics later, it was released and bolted to the depths. Wow, a slam in less than an hour! I was sure he wouldn’t have a hard time getting a “Grand Slam” as we were going to spend most of the day fishing for smallies. When the next reel went off, another walleye locked up and was also in the slot, so it joined its buddy in the live well too. Right after resetting the line, we had a strong fish attached and I thought it might be another lunge. When he finally got it close, I realized he had another species and an official Grand Slam. This was a smallie and had us both fooled as it never even jumped once. I continued trolling the area and he picked up one other walleye and missed a few rips before pulling the plug entirely. The water had gone completely flat and the bite had died when the sun rose high in the sky. Off to another place where we tried for walleye for a bit, with only a few smallies to show for our efforts. I decided it was finally time to go to the cream cheese and ran to an area that I knew was loaded with bass. It didn’t take him long to lock up and it was a real beauty. When it went to the air we had visions of a five, but once in the net, it ended up in the mid fours. He continued casting the area after a few pics and was immediately into another bruiser. This went on for almost an hour as he picked at them regularly. When the action slowed, I relocated and he was into them once again. I think he had 5 or 6 straight casts with quality bass ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. It was a feeding frenzy and we were right on them. It seemed like he could do no wrong! I don’t know exactly how many he nailed but it was plenty. As with the previous area it eventually died and we moved on. The same thing happened on the next spot and several more fish were brought to net once more. For the remainder of the day, we just kept moving and he just kept catching. Somewhere after 4:30 we decided to call it a day. I had a few fish to clean and we had reservations for 6:00. He would be trying walleye for dinner and bringing the rest home to the great white north. Being from Alaska, he has plenty of salmon & trout, but the walleye scene is pretty scarce. I’m sure we’ll get into them again in the next couple of days and fill him out a good limit to take back. The worst that could happen is he has to catch many more bass instead. I’m sure he can handle that too!!