Brian & I headed back out this morning for another round of bass beating. We hit the water around 8:30 in a serious east wind and some of the biggest waves this fall. With a relatively long run ahead of us to our first location, it wasn’t pretty! I’m sure there were three & four footers in some areas, but we made it. After yesterday’s success, Brian was ready for whatever “Mother Nature” threw our way. We had gone from mirror calm to hurricane like overnight but it wouldn’t stop us from another successful day. Boat control would be the issue today in the current against wind conflict, but I was use to that and well prepared. Brian wasted no time getting into the first big fish as he brought a high four to the net in the first 5 minutes. We slowly fished this area hoping for more and he was rewarded once again with another of about the same size. His next fish would be one we would both remember as the fight was just unbelievable. Once hooked, this smallie decided that deep water was the place to be and smoked the line from the reel. I’ve never seen one take so much line and head so deep as the abyss was where she went. We actually thought that he might have foul hooked this fish! After a lengthy battle and plenty of boat positioning, I finally slid the net under the beast. This was as fat as she was long and was definitely the largest smallie he had ever caught, so far! We placed her in the livewell along with the others for some later pics and resumed fishing. It would definitely be a tough act to follow but he was in for the challenge. In the next hour or so there were a few shots at some other big bass but unfortunately only one more made it to the net. I decided that a move was in order when these fish shut off & relocated right after releasing the bass. I didn’t want to be travelling all day with them in the well and preferred returning them back to the same area after the pics. With many islands all around, I tried to find some sheltered sections to get to our next spot. I wanted to make it as painless as possible and succeeded in finding the right routes. This next place would have Brian hooking fish on almost every cast for quite a while. They were all sizes and he was into them good! When the bite slowed, I adjusted his presentation and he was back into them once again. We moved around hitting small areas with concentrations and kept pounding on more & more fish throughout the afternoon. A variety of baits were used to entice some of the fattest fish of the fall today. I wanted to fish a few more spots before we called it quits and each & every one held active bass. Brian managed to up his numbers as well as his personal bests a few more times before we ended. One of the last fish of the day was to be the biggest of the day as well and we were both glad to have stopped in a few more places. To say he ended on a high would have been an understatement, he was in awe! As we headed back to the ramp, all he could talk about was the fish that tried to spool him and the beast at the end. I wonder what tomorrow will have in store for us? I just hope he gets some more great weather so that we can end on another high. Maybe we’ll be able to get him another “Grand Slam” filled only with big fish catches!!