Craig & Herm were back again for the weekend and Herm was hoping to get into a good walleye bite this time around. We dropped the boat in shortly after 7:30 and headed straight to work at fulfilling his wish. With a light wind still out of the NE, we had a 1 foot chop and I was fine with that! The winds were expected to swing around to the SE sometime during the day and that would probably flatten the water out completely. With all the lines in, the waiting game began! We trolled over good hooks and bait and had a rip pretty quickly, but it just went silent and I knew it was gone. The first walleye to get hooked up was a good one and once in the net I knew it wouldn’t be legal. It measured over 22 inched and was released immediately. After resetting the line, we trolled for a while before the next reel fired and this time it went off hard. By the weight of the fish that Herm was battling, I knew it wasn’t what we were after. Locked up on another lunge and once more on light tackle! It may not have been what we were wanting, but it definitely made for an exciting moment. At one point, it took to the air right in the rising sun and the leap was just spectacular. We all thought it was a giant! After several minutes of battling her, she finally showed and I realized that she wasn’t as big as all of our eyes thought. Still a nice fish and well worthy of a few pics, should we be able to land her. I finally managed to clamp the boga on her jaw and removed the hooks before bringing her aboard. A few quick shots and a measurement and off she went no worse for wear. I reset the first rod and was about to drop the second one in when the reel went off again. Talk about a quick bite! Craig grabbed the rod from the holder and I threw the kicker into neutral as that was the only line out. It was acting a little strange and I knew it wasn’t an eye but rather another lunge once again. It wasn’t as big as Herm’s just minutes before but none the less, it was a lunge. This fight was over a little quicker and I was able to boga the fish in just a few minutes. After more pics, back she went and so did we. Lines all in and we were on our way to more activity on the screen as I marked a big fish down deep. I called the next rod and immediately the reel started to scream. At this point I really thought we had another muskie but as it turned out, it was just a big pike. Still toothy but not as angry! We were well on our way to another grand slam and only needed one more species in order to accomplish this. We kept at the troll for a while longer and had one other pike and a few short strikes to show for it before I pulled the plug. Time to switch gears and break out the casting rods! Off we went for smallies and Craig nailed a couple of good ones in the first area we stopped. Too bad that was all she wrote and we moved again. This time I thought that I would hit a walleye spot and try some casting for them instead of the not so effective troll earlier. It was apparently the right choice as we were able to put 5 nice eyes in the boat and released a few bonus bass as well. Herm would have the fish he wanted to take home and we still had plenty of time to get even more. With the lake practically flat calm now, we decided to try more areas for smallmouth. Although it wasn’t like I had expected, they did manage several nice ones and plenty of misses throughout the afternoon. With the sun getting a little lower I thought I would give the walleye troll another shot as the moon was rising. With the rise also came a better chop from the SE and this was enough to get them somewhat activated. I continued to mark fish and quickly, we had a reel go off. As Craig began to bring in the fish, I realized there was another one on the other deep line too. Wow, a double! We managed to get both fish in and they joined their buddies from earlier in the day. Too bad this was the only two bites we were to have though and eventually I called it quits. It was definitely a mix of a day today. Herm even landed a sturgeon that had eaten a slowly dragged tube to go with the other species. I think we counted 6 different types with the fat perch added as well. We may not have had the walleye day that I had hoped for but there were plenty of fish of all different styles to keep it interesting. I think tomorrow I will see if we can get a little more action and hopefully some real big bass in the process. After all, this is the time of year for pumpkins!!