Mike & Cory hit the nail right on the head with what was sure to be the nicest day of this fall. We hit the water around 8:00 and headed directly to an area that had produced on previous days. With any luck, they would have another high numbers day today! With sunshine and highs to reach almost 70 degrees forecasted, I knew we would have company on the water. Along with the warm temps, there was a high SE wind predicted that would gust to over 25 knots. This would make boat control quite interesting to say the least! Even trying to feel the bites would be a little tough with lines bowing in the wind and they would have to be on their “A” game. Cory hit the first fish immediately with a crankbait but it was also on his first cast. Never a good idea to hook one like that as he was about to find out! Mike was showed a drop shot rig and after several casts and a learning curve, he found one willing to eat. It wasn’t big like I had hoped but he was on the board. It didn’t take me long to figure out that these fish weren’t chasing down and changed Cory up to the same set up. Now with both on the bottom, they were finally able to start picking at them. I had to move around a fair amount as the numbers just weren’t there and by switching locations, found several eaters. We fished for quite a while all over some of the key areas before switching up completely to try for another species. Although we did work at it for almost two hours, it just wasn’t to be and back we went to the bass. Hopefully now that the air had warmed almost to the max, the fish would be a little more cooperative. Well, they were and almost immediately they had a double. Several casts later, another double and things were looking up! Winds were also at their max and blowing directly into our faces making all control very difficult. I really had to watch closely as bites were being missed and positioning was switching by not doing so. They did manage to have many shots at the fish and monopolized on most of them, despite the winds. As long as they were biting, I was staying! Eventually however, it slowed enough to make me shift areas and I found another pod for them to pick at for a while. It was getting on in the day and I really wanted to get them more and bigger so after I accidently picked one over 5 pounds, we moved again. The last couple of spots produced a few more decent fish until they had another double. Mike had locked up with a nice one and was forced to net his own as the current break was too strong for me to leave the bow. Almost on cue, Cory also locked up but this time it was a giant. He was fighting his personal best and I wanted to make sure he landed it. I now had to leave the front and start drifting away just to be able to get a shot at her, but managed to scoop up the 5 pound beauty quickly. It may have taken all day but Cory had accomplished what he had wanted. This fish deserved several pics before her release and we shot many. They went back to fishing a few other places, landing a couple more bass before we finally pulled the plug on this summer like day. Although it may not have had the high numbers I had hoped for, it was still well above most peoples expectations. They had caught plenty of fish and tangled with even more. Cory even had his best smallmouth ever and would be taking memories of the catch back with him along with some really great shots. A perfect end to a perfect day!!!