The scheduled winds for today had me changing plans and hitting a body of water with the least pain. They were to blow at 15 to 25 knots out of the west with 30 plus gusts added in just for fun! Hugues, Pierre & Rashid would be in for a real treat as we headed out for a day of bass fishing. First fish of the day came from Pierre on almost his first cast as the others looked on in awe. He wasted no time bumping up the numbers as not long after he was into a few others as well. Both Hugues & Rashid weren’t so lucky but they did eventually get in the game. Smallies from two to four pounds were getting caught and everyone was on the board. Hugues had the largest but today it wasn’t all about size, but rather the numbers. They were hoping for a day filled with plenty of action and they were going to get it! With each shift in location, there were plenty of fish hooked, lost & landed. It was strange too as everyone seemed to take their turn in dominating different areas. In one location, Hugues would be catching many more than anyone and the next spot it would change to Pierre. Rashid even had his moment went he went on the “Power Play” with Pierre & Hugues badly tangled up. This went on throughout the day with little amounts of dead time spent fishing. If we went more than 5 or 10 minutes without action, I relocated and found fresh fish willing to eat. At one point during the afternoon, I set Hugues up with a crankbait to try & locate a piece of structure in open water. He had never fished one of these with any success and was thrilled when he locked up with what turned out to be the largest fish of the day. What a battle it gave him too as she really didn’t want to come to the net. Once I finally scooped it up, the hooks just pulled out. I informed him that this was a common thing and why I set the drag so light. Tiny hooks usually require less pressure as they can pop out any time on smallmouth bass, when battling them to the boat. As this was his first fish on a crankbait, it meant more to him as well and the size was a real bonus! We resumed fishing the area and everyone had several more hookups on the soft plastics. Hugues went back to the crank in the next spot and immediately was back into another fish. Although smaller in size, it was still a nice chunky one of over 3 pounds. Back to the drop shot set up and another bruiser was on! This one was so mean that while fighting her, the rod broke above the ferrule and I had to hold it for the fight. We eventually tag teamed the 4 pounder to the net and all had a good laugh. It’s only a rod and I’ve got plenty more! We jumped around to several more spots and picked at them a little more before we decided to call it a day. Everyone had caught their fair share of fish today and enjoyed it thoroughly. We snapped several pics of some of the largest fish caught and headed back to take out. Despite the hurricane like winds while fishing today, it was quite spectacular. Many fish were missed or lost but they definitely landed the bulk of their hookups. Hugues may have been the only one in this group of three that had fished with me previously, but I’m sure this will all change. Both Pierre & Rashid are already talking about getting back for more of this incredible bass action. Overall, who could ask for anything more!!