With Mike fishing with Mike senior this morning I thought I would give junior a call and see if he’d like to spend a few hours on the lake. We hooked up after 10:00 and immediately went to a troll for the walleye. Winds were up and out of the south, blowing a nice 1 foot chop under overcast skies. They had to be biting! Air temps had dropped slightly and the humidity wasn’t all that bad either. It really didn’t take long for the first reel to fire but it wasn’t a walleye. Instead, it was a psychotic smallie that just peeled line from the reel and went to the air. It also decided that by crossing over it could tangle the other line and successfully accomplished this too. Next thing I know, it was gone and we had a mess. Very nice! After untangling this disaster and retying one of the lines, back in they went. Soon after I get a call from Mike and wouldn’t you know it, a reel goes off while we’re talking. “Fish” and I’m hanging up on him! Mike reels in a nice walleye of 25 inches and I snap a few pics before the release. I also snapped one with the phone that I quickly sent with a message to the other mike that read, Phone Walter! Talk about perfect timing and I’m sure that hurt as they were struggling with their bite. We went back through the area and managed a few more smaller walleye and a couple more bass before shifting to a casting spot for more eyes. Both Mike & I missed a few fish and I was beginning to see that they really weren’t too interested in eating. The bites were very light and they weren’t holding on for long. By now the winds had layed down completely and we were in trouble. The dog pecker knots were out and in full force. The current had also stopped and so had the bite as we weren’t feeling a thing. Right about then, Mike was driving by with senior and stopped for a chat before heading in. Not wanting to lose the middle of the day, senior decided to hop in and we continued fishing. A quick mid lake change had him going from one species to another in a matter of seconds. We stayed on these walleye for a bit and missed a few more before heading elsewhere for bass. By now the winds were beginning to blow as the overcast skies pushed a storm system north of us. I checked the radar several times and realized we were only going to see a light sprinkle at best. We were also seeing several big smallies cruising the area that had absolutely no interest in our offerings. I just kept moving and hit another section not far away and they managed to pick a few fish in here. Junior even got bit off by what I thought might have been a big walleye. Once retied and back in, I realized that it was actually a northern, when he hooked up. It was a decent fish too but somehow came unpinned during the fight. This was also the last bite they got here and we moved off soon after. The next area had us fighting a big wind now when it began blowing 15 to 25 knots from the SW. Stronger gusts were also with the howl and it was getting worse. We fished through and they hooked up several times with Junior getting most of the bites. Unfortunately though, almost all of them got off when they took to the air. To make matters worse, the winds were shifting again and also increasing. They felt like 20 to 30 from the west as there were whitecaps everywhere. I was somewhat protected being in shallower water and took full advantage of this. We fished a couple more places and didn’t do much in either one. Only missed fish were had until the very last area when junior was locked again. He finished the day on a high with another big walleye of 24 inches. I think his dad may have missed the same fish just the cast before! A few quick pics and away we went. The run back wasn’t too bad for about half the way and then we caught up to the bigger waves. We were going with them and they were rolling! I think they were at least three footers with a few bigger rogues thrown in just for giggles. The only ones enjoying this were the sailors and windsurfers. They were out in full force! I looked back when we reached the dock and all I saw was a wall of white. These sheep were huge! It looked more like Lake Ontario rather than the water we were on and I was glad to be getting off. These guys were supposed to be heading back out with Mike for an evening of fishing and already rethinking their decision. As with the day before, today was also a tough bite but filled with plenty of excitement. We had somehow managed to dodge all the rain & storms surrounding us just by moving around the lake. Once the system moved out however, we received the winds and they were big. Overall, a few good days with plenty of memories and pics as proof!!