Tom was back with me again this morning and his son Patrick came along as well. The last time he was out, we had a banner trip that would be tough to match today! We had so many walleye that it was insane trolling and there weren’t any weeds, anywhere! I was hoping for a quick bite when I set the lines, but it didn’t happen. With the overnight lows bringing the water temps down each day, the fish were moving. I had to find them soon in order to succeed today! We started deep in 72 degree water with plenty of floaters and that just made matters worse. I couldn’t keep the lines clean for more than a few minutes at a time. Add to that, no fish in a couple of passes and it was time to change tactics. New baits, mid range water and instantly a reel fired! I thought it was a big eye but soon found out that it was a decent northern of close to 8 pounds. It didn’t matter though as we had scored! I kept at it and shortly after, another reel went off. This time it was a smallmouth and a good one too. A mid three pounder gave an incredible battle and Patrick was finally starting to enjoy this day. I quickly released it after a pic and another reel went off immediately. This time it was the targeted species of Walter and it was a good one. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be going home with them tonight as she was almost 23 inches. I often wonder how many others abide by the Quebec rules and how many big fish get released. I’m pretty sure the percentage is low! We went right back at it and stayed in this area that had been giving up the fish. Moments later, more reels are screaming and legal slot fish are coming in one after the other. We’re having fish for dinner! Patrick always looks forward to this trip because walleye are scarce where he lives and he loves the taste of them. I knew we would be pressed for time today as the winds were suppose to increase tremendously around noon and tried to milk the area as best as I could. Amongst the legal walleye, there were also 5 overs up to 26 inches that were returned making the trip more successful than the previous years. In fact we had a double header that saw Tom reeling in the biggest fish of today. Patrick was already occupied with one on his line when the second reel fired. Tom had no choice but to reel the fish in! In the water it looked much longer than I thought and I opted for the bigger net, just to be sure. I think by the time we finally pulled the plug, there was a total of 15 or more walleye landed along with many bass and a couple of northerns. This was definitely an exceptionally productive day and we were off before 1 o’clock. Once I had found the depth range the fish were occupying, the action was almost non stop. Tom had just experienced incredible back to back trips that had spanned almost 2 months. Although the conditions had changed immensely, he had seen fishing at its best! Patrick had also seen his best day in the three or four years he had fished with us. Who could have asked for anything more!!