Graham & Phil joined me this morning on one of the most difficult days of the season. Between the left over full moon effects, the heavy floating vegetation and the NW winds blowing 10 to 20 knots, I would have my work cut out for me today. We hit the lake shortly after 7 and I went straight to a troll. This was not the best choice however as I soon found out. I spent more time trying to dodge big patches of the floaters and cleaning lines. All we had to show for our efforts was one walleye and a drive by in 45 minutes of fishing. I slid in a little shallower, hoping to avoid some of the vegetation and managed to keep the lines wet for more than just a couple of minutes at a time. Although the fishing wasn’t much better, they did get to play with a few smallies and one big northern just under 10 pounds. Round two and off we went to another location, where we would hopefully jig up more eyes! Unfortunately, all we could come up with here was one fish, but she was a beauty. It fell on the high end of the slot and joined its buddy in the well. They had wanted to feed a party of five tonight and I would have to pick up the pace, if they were to succeed. I figured I would switch them up to drop shots and scour the depths of a steep drop next. It wasn’t great but Graham managed to get into a couple of bass and one of them was pushing 4 pounds. I think they only caught 3 or 4 fish in the time here and it was off once again! Along my route to the next location I decided to stop on a deep reef and check to see if anybody was home. It hadn’t been producing lately and I didn’t know why! First drop and Phil’s locked! They’re finally here! As it turned out however, this fish was a nice walleye around 18 inches and an addition to their menu for tonight. In about an hour or so of fishing this reef, they had plenty of action with a combination of smallies, walleye and one big northern pushing 10 pounds again. Phil even managed to catch another walleye and lost an even larger one right at the boat as well. Eventually it looked like we wore out our welcome here and I had to move again. I thought I would try shallower to see if we might be able to locate a school of feeding bass but with the dirtier than usual water in there, they only managed to get a few small ones to commit. Off we went once again and back to the deeper humps looking for more. It was definitely a slow bite as we covered plenty of nothing water and very little, holding biters. We shifted gears once again to another section of the lake and continued with the drop shot set up in deeper water. We remained here for the balance of the day and they got into the fish pretty good! Although plenty of bass were either missed or lost on the jumps, they landed more than their share as well. By moving around plenty, I was able to take advantage of the smaller groups of fish in specific areas. The drop shot was definitely the winner today and they both realized just how effective it can be. We literally had to present the rig right in their faces to get them to eat. Not much chasing today! Hopefully things are on the upswing now and I can go back to aggressively feeding fish at least part of each day!