Warren & his brother Shawn were with me today and what a day it was to be! We met at the lake around 7:00 and headed straight out to troll for walleye. Air temps were cooler than usual but I knew we were in for another heat wave by afternoon. It wasn’t easy fishing the zone I wanted as the NW winds had moved the floaters right into the path I was taking. Constant cleaning was needed and after a few nice fish, I decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble. I moved completely from there and tried another area where they weren’t quite as bad. It was a good choice as now we were able to troll long periods without removing the lines and the fish were biting better. It’s funny how they don’t like salad with their meals! I covered plenty of water before the reels went off and after about an hour, decided to look elsewhere. Several bass and a few walleye were caught before we jumped locations, strictly for smallies. Even here, the fish were rather lethargic as we soon found out. A number of the smaller ones were caught on tubes and senko’s but the bruisers were just cruising. There was no wind and with the lower than usual water levels, no current. It was as if we were anchored! I was going to have to get more in the main flow in order to find current and opted for another move again. I hit a deep drop close to the channel and switched them to a drop shot rig, hoping for a mix of fish from here. On my initial demonstration cast, I hooked up and started fighting a smallie from the deep. Before I could bring it boat side to be released, another boat was idling up to us. I quickly realized that we were about to be checked as they were Game Wardens! Wow, they do exist! I thought they were like snipe and just a myth here in the province of Quebec! I leaned over, lipped the bass and released it right in front of them before they pulled over to check our permits. Two of the nicest guys you’ve ever met and we talked for a bit about some of the encounters they have had recently. Turns out that the Chinese have been banged a few times out here and it’s about time! There have been several boats that they checked that were way over their possession limits as well as size. I wondered why I’ve barely seen them out lately. Hopefully they confiscated the boat and all their tackle! They could see by the way we were fishing that it wasn’t a problem here and after a short period, were on their way. It kind of gives me a better feeling knowing that someone is out there checking the poachers. Back to the task at hand and both Warren & his brother began hooking up on a few smallies. Although smaller than expected, they were still locked up and I held in this area until it just stopped. Moving along, we headed to another flat where as it turned out; we were to spend the remainder of the day. It was full and we weren’t leaving! Shawn must have gone at least 6 casts in a row locked up on bass. They both managed to catch plenty of smallies from this area and we covered it thoroughly in about 3 hours. We even left them biting and that’s not normal. It was almost 4:15 and I knew we would need time at the ramp as today was the start of the construction holidays. There were plenty of boats that had come out after lunch and they just kept coming. I guess people cut out from work a little early as the lake was like a Sunday afternoon right now. Who knows what the ramp would be like! As luck would turn out, I was amazed to find only one other boat launching and it wasn’t long before I had the boat on the trailer. Although difficult conditions were had, the slow approach turned everything around and plenty of fish were caught today. Another successful outing despite the flat, humid conditions!!