Today I had a few regulars as Hassan & his brother Sam were joined by their friend Martin for a good smallie day. We hit the lake at the crack of almost 9 and fished till about 3:30. Conditions were the first day with a semi cold front as the morning chill wasn’t the norm lately. They actually had to wear their jackets for most of the morning! The fishing was a little tough too as the water had cooled off almost 4 degrees overnight. Winds were out of the NW blowing 10 to 15 knots causing boat control to be a little difficult during our first drift. They were drop shotting over a series of bumps but I was missing the sweet spots because of the cross current movement. After about 30 minutes or so of this and only a half dozen fish, I pulled the plug and went elsewhere. We continued with the drop shotting technique in another area a few miles away but this time they were casting their presentations along a steep break. Hassan managed to get the best fish here as a long bass looking like a post spawner, fell victim to his offering. It should have weighed close to 5 pounds but barely made the four pound weight. A few more smallies were landed along with a couple of nice walleye but I still wasn’t satisfied with these results. One more move had them into fish on jigs almost instantly and we refined the water here, for the remainder of the day. Most of the fish were averaging 2 to 3 pounds but Hassan managed to pull out a few in the four pound class mixed in. I shifted between senkos and tubes and plenty of action was had by all. I don’t really know the final count of fish landed but I do know it was about 1/3 of what it could have been. These fish were really biting strange and many bass were missed on the hook set. With hot, humid and stable weather for a long period, the first cold night had them fairly lethargic for most of the day. Not one fish chased a spinnerbait and Martin threw it for quite a while! If it weren’t for the slow presentations, it could have been a very poor day for results. This gang had just witnessed the difference between active and negative fish and come out on top. A little adjustment was all that was needed to turn this day around. Overall, a very educational day for these three amigos!!