Christiane & I headed out this morning, seeing as how the fishing had been so good. We put in shortly after 8:00 and tried pulling plugs once again. Unfortunately, the NW winds had more weeds all over the area making the troll somewhat difficult. Cleaning the rods seems to be the only way to make the reels go and I had to stay on them. I miss the early season when you could troll for miles without ever checking the lines! Although there were plenty of fish marking in the deep, all we could come up with were a pike and a smallmouth. I decided to head shallower just to see if maybe they were still in from the morning and the reels started to fire. They were mostly bass but I think the couple we lost may have been the walleye we were looking for. It wasn’t until I moved even shallower that we started catching them. They were in tight and not in much water either! I had to make several adjustments and then we began catching. A bunch of walleye between 17 & 23 inches were caught and we kept just enough for dinner tonight. With the winds increasing and the boat traffic growing, I thought we would try one other area and call it a day. After drop shotting for a while and catching several smallies, I decided to try trolling this area for a change. The last 10 minutes resulted in a lost giant smallie when he took to the air and the largest walleye of the day. A quick pic of this 24 inch beauty, followed by her release and back we went. I really didn’t want to be on the lake much past noon as the amount of boats were getting thick. Even the ramp was a disaster once again, as people still think they’re the only ones on the planet. I wish there was a course in ramp etiquette they could all take because common sense seems rare at best! Despite this ending, our morning was still a success as we were having fish for dinner. You gotta love that, who could ask for anything more!!