Alex, Marco & Enzo were with me this morning for another spectacular day, chock full of great fishing. We launched shortly after 7 AM and were rewarded almost immediately on the troll. Winds were non existent and the humidity was thick, with air temps already in the mid 70’s. Water temps were around 72 degrees and climbing and I knew the “Dog Pecker Knats” would be out in full force. We prayed for any breeze but weren’t so lucky! Despite all of this, the fish still cooperated as plenty of quality sized walleye made their way into the net. Unlike yesterday when only two of the four rods were responsible for taking the fish, this morning they all went off. I had made a slight adjustment in lures and it really showed! They were all diving around the same depth, but the high lines just took a little longer to get there. Unfortunately, the floating weeds were still a problem and constant checking of the lines was necessary to get bit. After the guys had their fill of this trolling and all the quality walleye they landed, I switched up tactics and locations. We moved to another section of the lake and began drop shotting on a steep drop. Although this was new to them, they caught on pretty quick and managed to hook up several times. There were mostly smallmouth in this area today but a few walleye managed to show up from time to time. I think Enzo caught the largest bass here as he had a post spawn fish that would have weighed in the mid 4’s, later in the season. Eventually the fish just stopped biting all together and I knew it was time for another switch up. Off we went and senkos in the shallows was the plan. We hit a flat that looked like it was deserted until I found the sweet spot. We were seeing piles of big smallies just cruising & I knew it was going to happen soon. This was the first time either of these guys had ever fished with the baits and I knew they were in for a real treat. After a quick explanation, they were in. Refraining from setting the hook quickly was going to be the hardest thing to overcome and then it happened. Alex locked up with a two pounder and brought several larger ones in with the bass. Enzo threw behind and allowed the bait to slow fall and was soon rewarded with one of his own. In the next hour or so there was plenty of action as all three of them were tight lined, often. I slid a little deeper and tossed a few tubes to the holes and locked up on what I knew wasn’t a bass. Immediately I passed the rod to Enzo and told him to hang on! He was about to have the fight of his life as the sturgeon went ballistic. Leaps and runs were followed by plenty of powerful head shakes and all he could do was pray the hook stayed pinned. Lucky for him as I managed to grab the dinosaur soon after, by the tail. He had wanted a big fish and his wish had been granted. Although it may not have been the largest of its species it was still close to 20 pounds and almost 4 feet long. Once photographed and returned we went back to the task at hand, smallies! Several other bass were hooked after this before we relocated back to the initial trolling area when the winds began. I thought we would have a better chance at some more walleye now that the dog pecker knats wouldn’t be able to hold on. I was right as the breeze not only put a chop on the lake but kept those hateful things out of our face. The bite was a little strange but it was still good. We covered lots of water and every time a reel went off, a second one fired as well. An occasional smallie was part of the mix but mostly walleye were being caught in the last hour. Alex had wanted to take a couple of fish home and now he had two 17 inchers to bring. We ended the day on another double and Enzo brought another 23 inch walleye into the boat making him the big fish champ for the day. He had a slam on large ones with bass, walleye and sturgeon to his credit. Who could ask for anything more! We pulled the remaining lines and headed back soon after with all three guys being quite satisfied for the results today. They had caught piles of fish and learned a few new techniques in the process. This may have been their first time on this lake but I don’t think it will be their last. They are already talking about a return trip in the near future. Welcome back anytime!!