Neil was with me on the lake today, in hopes of a multi species kind of day. The weather looked like a winner with little to no wind and high heat & humidity once again. Water temps were to exceed 76 degrees with all the warm nights lately and I hoped the fish would bite. Our first attempt was a troll for some walleye to take home. After last year, Neil wanted more! His entire family dined on the tasty fillets and he hoped it would happen again. Ironically, the troll only produced big fish in the first hour or so and we were forced to relocate to another area and species. He had landed a few walleye but they were all over 22 inches along with a couple of nice smallmouth as well. The next location wasn’t much better as we were seeing all kinds of huge smallmouth just cruising. It didn’t seem to matter what we threw at them, they flat out refused! Not wanting to hang around and wait for their dinner bell to ring, I pulled the plug and switched to another area once again. We were trying to get some walleye for Neil and pulled into a casting section that just yesterday, had produced plenty. Today was a different story however as the lack of flow had them almost completely shut down. Although a few were landed, they were mostly under the slot size and returned to the lake. I moved to another spot and switched to a deep water drop shot only to have a couple of smallies eat our offerings instead. This called for drastic measures and we moved again! A longer run had us stopping on a flat for some action where we had smaller bass eating a variety of soft plastics. At least we had aggressive biters here and I thoroughly covered the entire flat. There were also a bunch of sturgeon in the area and one of them got hooked up. It’s almost every day that someone gets to tangle with these dinosaurs! I thought I’d try shallower to see if a few of the real bruisers might be feeding and was pleasantly surprised. Although not many of them actually ate, we did manage a couple that were some of the largest of the day. As with one of the other places previously fished however, most of them were just cruising around with a lack of interest. I still needed to find some walleye for Neil to bring home and decided to go back to the troll in hopes of better results. Wouldn’t you know it, fish on and it’s another over about 24 inches in length. I can’t catch a break! It’s usually not this difficult to get fish for the table and I was pretty sure the full moon had a hand in the bigger fish today. There were a few smallies hooked into as well during the troll and eventually we put a keeper in the well. It wasn’t the usual method of getting the fish however as I was pulling the lines in due to an electrical storm approaching. Oh well, at least we had one! I raced back to the boat ramp expecting to take out, but the system went north and bypassed us entirely. Once I realized that the danger was gone, we headed back out to try again. This proved to be a good decision as we managed several more walleye and 4 were in the slot. In the last 90 minutes of trolling, we landed about 8 or 10 fish and Neil would be taking some home tonight. Although a tough day by comparison, quite productive nonetheless! The fish didn’t come easy today but we managed to turn it around by slowing down presentations and fishing thoroughly. The full moon period each month is always a challenge and tends to produce big, not lots! Today was a perfect example of this and we were glad to have succeeded in the end!!