I decided to fish with my bother in law & his son today as I had no bookings and didn’t want to miss another day on the water. We met up shortly after 9:30 and were fishing before ten o’clock. Although we had a wind that I wasn’t too happy with, we set out from the dock in the east 15 regardless. Current fighting wind is never great, but it sure beats a flat calm day anytime! Air temps barely reached 70 degrees and the best I could find was 64 for the water. It had fallen almost 5 degrees since yesterday when I was out for another half day. Oh yeah, plenty of walleye were caught then too! I don’t think we had set the lines for more than 3 minutes when the first reel started screaming. Eric quickly grabbed it from the holder and a 3 pounder was soon in the boat. We weren’t as lucky on the next fish as Michel fought a huge over all the way to the net, only to have it use the rubber as a trampoline and release itself. I really do hate these nets when it comes to landing bigger fish, despite the anti tangle mesh for the hooks. Out came the other net after the 27 inch fish got a quicker release than anticipated. Back out went the lines and several other smaller fish were caught & released before Eric was into another big one. As with Michel’s earlier one, this too was of a greater size and I was ready with a real net. Although the hooks did tangle some, I was able to land this one without any problems. A quick pic of another fish near 27 inches and back she went. I had an area that produced well yesterday and decided to make a pass or two through it and see if anybody was home. Well, let’s just say that it was loaded as all 3 reels began screaming simultaneously! Three more quality fish in the slot were released into the livewell for their dinners. I kept the trolling pass going close to the same line several more times and had reels firing on just about every one. There’s definitely something down there that attracts these fish as they are schooling pretty good in a small area. I’m really not sure just how many fish they landed today but it was more than enough to keep them happy. We pulled the plug by 2:30 after many more hookups and another nice 25 incher that Eric was lucky enough to reel in. Today was a typical half day of fishing with numerous fish caught and not too much dead time while doing it. When they were going it was about every 5 minutes or lees and that made for a real great day once again. For all of you out there that love catching walleye, there’s no better time to do it than right now. Without the summertime weeds hampering your troll, it makes for an easy way to load the boat every time out. I love this time of the year and can’t wait to get back out for another day of the Walleye Olympics!!