What a week of fishing it was! A couple of cancellations saw me on the water every day for 10 days straight. I decided to take advantage of this situation and start using my electronics for what they were designed for. With the structure scan on the HDS10 unit, I refined many areas and expanded my search grid to locate even more new spots. It’s amazing to see the intricate detail that these machines actually put out, not to mention the power they provide while in this mode. From sweet spots holding small clusters of rocks to thick patches of weeds on deep edges, I saw it all. With every new find there were also fish and big ones too! I don’t think places like these get fished much or maybe at all as the walleye were on fire. Along with the walleye, there were several large northerns up to 10 pounds and some post spawn smallies, just recuperating from their spawn. Although the weather was a bit of a roller coaster ride, it did let me figure out where these fish moved to when conditions changed. I had high humidity and flat calm. NE winds blowing 10 to 15 knots and cold fronts. Even huge water temperature drops and pretty much everything in between. With all of this, came plenty of adjustments just to get them to bite. As bad luck would have it, the only tough day was Wednesday and I had a father & his two sons out. Barry brought Cole & Pierce on the lake and it was a rough one. The NW winds had 3 to 4 footers on the lake from the 15 to 25 knot blow. Along with the big seas, were coffee colored water and tons of green algae throughout the water column. It was practically impossible to keep the lines & lures free of this stuff as I had to be on the rods every couple of minutes. I knew the fish were there, I just couldn’t make them bite. I have a feeling they didn’t like this mess either and just weren’t moving to eat. It was the only day on the water out of all that I struggled to catch fish and I had to have clients. What are the odds of that! Despite the tough fishing, they still managed to land several walleye, a few smallies and some perch. Not a banner day to say the least! The following couple of days had the fish back on the chew and it was just insane once again. Thursday I fished alone and located several more new areas holding fish and Friday I was back out with a family member just pounding them once again. Tom had fished with me a few times this season and always seemed to be a day early or a day late but not today. We started out with a bang and had a couple of 19 inchers in the live well in less than 15 minutes. We picked at them for a while and then I took him to the sweet spot. With rising water temps, high sun and a wind from the NE at about 10 knots, I knew he was in for a banner day. As anticipated, the reels began to go as soon as I got to the area and for the next three hours, never stopped. I just kept covering water and Tom just kept reeling fish in one after the other. Every time we heard a reel scream, I knew the other one was about to go too. Doubles were the order of this day and I lost count on just how many we had. Although most of the fish were in the 18 to 21 inch length, some of the walleye were even longer. There were a few that were 23 to 25 inches and he was elated. This was definitely his best day out with me by far! We decided to pull the plug around 1:00 but not before Tom landed his last fish of this incredible day. One of the two reel s fired and he soon had another walleye over 23 inches in the net. I’m not sure exactly how many fish were caught today but there were many. There were also plenty of northerns, smallmouth and some really jumbo perch taken in the mix, making today just insane. I don’t think he’ll forget this one for quite a while and was glad it finally happened to him. Over the season he had heard tales of days like these and now he finally experienced one of his own. What an absolutely unbelievable day of fishing he had and now, can hardly wait to get back out and relive today again!!