I had a couple of half day trips the past two days that proved to be quite interesting. The first one started with a group of three that ‘Mother Nature” didn’t want to let on the lake. We actually had cancelled the evening before and awoke to completely different conditions, than forecasted. Instead of steady rain & high winds, it was only overcast and almost flat calm. Not wanting to waste the entire day, I decided to head out on my own and check a few new areas. Somewhere around 10:00 the phone rings and Alex wants to know if they can still head out, seeing as how the weather wasn’t too bad. By 1:00, they were at the dock and shortly after, on the lake. With the onset of foul weather on the way, I immediately headed back to where I had found fish and had the reels going immediately. They landed several smallies and a bunch of walleye in the 3.5 hours we were out and despite the high winds and rather large waves that rolled in when the arrived, they still had a blast. I think it was Britney that managed to land the largest walleye at almost 5 pounds but everyone had held their own too. We had somehow managed to cheat “Mother Nature” and found our way out on the late arrival of her nasty weather. By the time we got off the water, the winds were rolling 3 footers as a steady 20 knot wind was blowing. Although the conditions were less than perfect, it all worked out!! On my way to the lake Thursday morning, I received a call from Darren informing me that he wanted to fish a half day. I headed out solo for a couple of hours and was back at the dock by eleven to pick him up for the afternoon. Winds were almost non existent and the high sun had the heat somewhere in the 80’s. Humidity was pretty high as well but that didn’t matter as the fish were going to bite! We trolled & casted and caught smallmouth and walleye, but found drop shotting to be the best. In one area it was almost every cast for a while as fish after fish were coming aboard. Most of them were walleye but several smallies were landed as well. The walleye were perfect size for eaters and a few 17 to 18 inch fish were harvested. Although there were no real big ones in this area, the action had us quite content to stay. Eventually I shifted gears again in hopes of bigger fish and headed elsewhere. We reset the lines for a troll and apparently it proved to be the right choice. For the last hour or so, we managed to hook several big eyes and a few of them were in the 24 inch size. Along with the walleye were a couple of large pike and a smallie or two but at least there was action. I pulled the plug shortly after 4:00 as Darren had to pick up his son at day camp. We were back at the ramp by 4:15 and parted ways. What a great way to spend the afternoon, fishing for Walters & Bass!!