After Saturday’s outing, I knew I had to get back out as soon as possible. Christiane & I hit the lake around 10 o’clock and fished for about four hours. Conditions were flat calm except for the boat traffic waves, but that was to be expected. Sunshine & temps in the mid 70’s had the water between 63 & 68 degrees depending on where we were. I set out a couple of rods and began trolling for our dinner. Plenty of walleye were caught along with a few large northerns and the occasional bass. Most of them were between 16 & 19 inches but there were several short ones as well. We even managed to get one around 25 inches and it went right back after a quick pick. In the short time we were out, the action was almost non stop. It was nice to get back on the water and just have a relaxing half day of fishing. No pressure to produce, just plenty of enjoyable action. Oh yeah, we also caught our dinner too! Who could ask for anything more!! Ron accompanied me this morning for another half day of fishing for walleye. We launched around 9:00 and were scheduled to fish until 1:00. At least we thought we were! It was quite a bit different from the weekend as the winds were now blowing 10 to 15 knots out of the NW. Clouds were also present and the air temps had fallen to the low 60’s. This also meant that the water temps would have fallen and I noticed it almost immediately. The best I could locate was 63 degrees and most areas were closer to 62 making me wonder what it may have done to the fish. I set the rods in and had a confirmation almost immediately. Although it was only a smallie, I had my answer! We fished a couple of areas for about an hour with limited results but still managed several fish. One of the hits was a violent reel scream that quickly went silent, leaving us with an empty line. I had not only lost the lure but about 6 inches of the flouro leader as well. I immediately thought Musky! By now, the wind layed down slightly and this allowed me to hit an open water shoal in hopes of more & bigger. Well it didn’t take long there either as a reel fired off almost as soon as we had the rods set. This one had weight and Ron was barely able to reel the line in at first. It just kept going off the reel and I switched to neutral to reduce the pressure. All the way to the boat, this fish stayed down and I knew it had to be a walleye. A confirmation was had when I saw the leader knot and it was a biggun! In the water it looked like a 10 pounder but once in the net, it shrunk a bit. It was still a good fish nonetheless as it would have gone at least 6 pounds. It was also around 27 inches and a real beauty! A few quick pics and back she went to live another day. This was only the beginning of many a fish as the action really picked up. Rods were going off every five to 10 minutes and fish of all sizes were being reeled in. Many quality walleye were caught & released as Ron wasn’t keeping any today. These fish were to be as lucky as all the ones landed this past Saturday. When another rod went off and the reel started screaming violently, I had thoughts of big walleye once again. It fought lust like the first fish in this area and stayed deep right up to the boat as well. I was a little disappointed when I caught a glimpse but Ron was elated to see the large northern. It put up quite a battle and wasn’t easy to net with the rubber net! Another few quick pics and back it went after she crapped all over the carpet. After trolling the area and catching many more walleye, I noticed that the winds were steadily increasing. Along with the winds the skies were getting a little dark as well and eventually we heard thunder. It was unanimous, we were out of here! Once the boat was on the trailer, the rain started falling and I thought we were really gonna get pounded. Fortunately, we were on the edge and it never really hit us with its full force. Although we had cut the day a bit short, Ron had caught a plenty of fish in the 3.5 hours we were on the lake. For his first outing with me, it was a successful one and I was glad. You never know what a cold front can do to the fishing and this was definitely one. I was still able to stay on the walleye and managed to pick at them enough to have action the entire time out. Overall, it was a productive half day of fishing!!