Well, I finally had a day off and decided to go fishing! Christiane hadn’t been able to take advantage of the fall fishing, but today she would. We headed on the water around 9:00 new time, as the clocks had changed overnight and immediately were into fish. With a beautiful flat calm lake, I decided to go for walleye instead of bass. I had been on these fish lately and hoped they would cooperate today. We hit an area in the current and on my first cast a 19 inch Walter was hooked up. I instructed Christiane on how to fish this presentation and it didn’t take long before she was also catching. Sunshine and a light breeze from the SW had the air temps absolutely amazing on this November day. It definitely went into the upper 50 degree range as we basked in this tremendous fall outing. I felt like every walleye was eating today and it seemed like we were continuously fighting fish. Some of them were keepers and many of them were high overs as we released plenty of them between 23 & 27 inches. When things slowed in one area, I just relocated and it started all over again. I don’t think there were many dead periods as it seemed like someone was always fighting a fish. The last hour out had the most action and despite a couple of large fish earlier, also held most of the biggest fish too. It was here that fish of 25 to over 27 inches were landed and there were many. I think the low light had them active when the clouds rolled in, covering the sun. Whatever it was, I didn’t want to leave! With every cast there was the anticipation of that subtle tick loading up the rod with another giant. I’m sure we could have remained out even longer but eventually left them biting and called it a day. This was surely one of the best days, both weather and fishing wise and I was disappointed to have it end. You just never know when the stars will align again this late in the year, allowing you to fish so comfortably. I know we both can’t wait to get back out again, after a day like this. Hopefully “Mother Nature” will shine on us, for another day!!