After receiving a father’s day gift for a day on the water, my neighbor finally redeemed it today. Yacenti couldn’t have picked a nicer one to be fishing! The air temps climbed to almost 60 degrees with little to no wind all day long. Sunshine was with us throughout and the fishing was on fire! He decided to share the gift by bringing his friend Marc along, thus adding to his pleasure. Although they had both fished with me before, it would be a learning experience for Marc, as this time I had him fishing a new technique. As with every day out, I knew the fishing would be better mid day but was about to be proven wrong. My first explanation cast to Marc ended in a full hook up and a four pounder was soon coming aboard. I hate when that happens! I immediately passed the rod off to him and he began fishing. It took only two casts for him to lock up and the games were on! His first fish was another solid bass close to 4 pounds as well and Yacenti was wondering, where his was! It didn’t take long before they were both hooking plenty of quality smallies and fish were coming in one after the other. Both presentations were working great and they loved it as fish up to 5 pounds were fighting on almost every other cast for a while. When things slowed down, I relocated and they picked at them here & there, all the time hooking large ones where ever we stopped. Although we did have several slow periods through the day, the flurries definitely made up for them. Whenever we hit one, we caught a bunch and before we knew it, the day was almost over. I figured I’d hit one last area and get a couple more fish before we were done but it ended up lasting close to a half hour. They just kept catching giant smallies and I didn’t want to go! Never leave fish when they’re biting! Eventually things did slow down and we were able to call it a day. Days like these are few & far between at this time of year and Yacenti definitely picked a winner. Who could ask for anything more! We had started on a high and ended on another one as well making this a picture perfect day to be on the water!!