Scott, Chris & John joined me again today for more of the same punishment as the last time out. We once again wasted 3 hours trolling for the myth monsters without even a single sighting. They are beginning to think they’re like snipe! With the cool morning air came cold everything until the sun finally broke from behind the clouds, warming their bodies like lizards on rocks. Temps were to rise into the low 50’s today and thankfully the winds were light, allowing the sunshine to make things more comfortable. Water temps were barely above 47 degrees but the bass were definitely on fire as they pounded them throughout the remaining hours. Plenty of fish over 4 pounds were caught but nothing really topping the 5 pound mark. John had a previous commitment and needed to return a little earlier so we ran him back to his car and immediately returned fishing afterwards. Without skipping a beat, Scott & Chris picked up right where they left off with a double. It continued for the remainder of the afternoon before we packed it in and called it quits. We may have lost a few hours trolling but in the 5 hours spent for bass, the numbers were incredible. Everyone had caught their fair share of quality bass and were satisfied with the results. With unseasonably warm weather for this time of the year, it’s a real pleasure to be out. Hopefully this will continue right through the month, extending the season even more. Another great day to be fishing!!