Leslie needed a break from his hectic work schedule and I knew just the solution. Bass fishing at its finest was on the menu and he would remember this day for quite some time. Although we got a little later start than usual, he wasted no time getting the ball rolling as he hooked up on his very first cast. A three pounder had fallen victim to the offering and it wouldn’t be the last. We had the makings of a great day with warm air temps and winds from the west blowing 10 to 15 knots. Overcast skies were present with an occasional sunny period as we focused on the task at hand. Although this area was new to Leslie, he soon caught on and was detecting even the lightest pick ups. With water temps below 48 degrees, the fish were rather lethargic and hits were light. Without a tight line presentation, strikes would be missed! In the first few hours, there were plenty of quality smallies caught ranging from 3 to over 4 pounds. Along with these, many fish in the 2 to 3 pound size were also landed making it an unbelievable start to the day. Whenever one area slowed, we shifted to another and continued catching all over again. It was becoming obvious that the fall was fully upon us, as these fish wanted to eat. I decided to hit a few smaller sections looking for a big bite and Leslie landed a few more fish in the four pound range. Despite the lack of really big ones today, he was satisfied with the many, many fish he landed! This is the season to catch piles of fish both small & large and high number days are the norm. Leslie definitely learned this today! With the recent time change, daylight falls quickly now and we found ourselves calling it early. Several more fish later, we were headed back to the boat ramp to take out. I’m not too sure how much longer I’ll have before I’m forced to store the boat, but I will take advantage of this season as long as possible. Anticipation of fishing into December is looking better & better with all this above normal weather. I just hope it doesn’t have the light switch effect again and shut down overnight in the weeks to come. Overall, a great day for fishing!!