Scott, Manson & Corey met me today, searching for more of those giant smallies. Scott & Manson had fished with me before and knew what to expect, but Corey was in for a real treat. We met a little later than usual due to the cold overnight temps and were on the water before nine. Winds were light and from the SW with overcast skies pretty much the entire day. Air temps were in the 30’s at the start and barely hit 40 by days end. Water temps were at 53.5 degrees and down from the last time out, considerably! I was sure it would be a slow presentation that would account for the fish today, but you just never know. I believe that it was Corey that locked up first but both Manson & Scott were right behind him. Everyone was on the board and it continued right through the morning with plenty more quality fish getting landed. Although we didn’t have an official 5 pounder come to the net, there were many in the high fours making for a great time by all. I moved around plenty, looking for larger groups of bass and hoped to stumble on the mother load somewhere along the way. Unfortunately it never happened, but we managed to catch plenty of fish in the process. The afternoon was no different with them landing lots more quality fish. Manson even caught a nice walleye that they were hoping to have, along with a few others, for dinner. Unfortunately this was the first and the last for them and they would have to settle for steak instead! With the air temps falling as the day passed, we weren’t too far from heading in ourselves but wanted a few more before it ended. I headed to another section and they did manage to catch several more smallies in the last ten minutes or so. I decided to make a couple of casts as well and immediately locked up on a big fish. I knew by the fight that this wasn’t a bass but rather a walleye. Confirmation was made along side the boat and Scott was soon netting another dinner fish for them tonight. “We’re having fish for dinner”! This dinner pickerel was squeaked in under the wire and a fitting way to end. The air may have been chilly today but the fishing was hot. By slowing down slightly and fishing the right zones we were able to turn this day into one filled with plenty of action. It sort of made everyone forget about the 40 degree air temps and concentrate on their next bite. Overall a pretty god day to be on the water!!