Sam & Martin joined me this morning, looking for some smallie action. Fall had already begun and it was time to start crushing them! We hooked up around 8:00 and wasted no time getting on the water. Strangely enough, the water temps were above 62 degrees, but the bite was on! Air temps would climb to just over that and a mix of cloud & sunshine stayed with us all day. Crankbaits and jigs would be the top producers today and both had their place. By covering water, the crankbait would find the fish and the jigs would vacuum the rest of the ones that didn’t want to chase. In one area, I think Sam landed almost a dozen and they were all on the crank. For whatever reason, they wanted the bait but Martin had a hard time following in Sam’s tracks. Both were throwing identical lures, but it was Sam that was landing fish on almost every cast. I immediately switched Martin to a jig increasing his chances and he was locked on the first cast. Pretty much every area we fished had similar results and numbers were soaring. Some of the fish reached the 4 pound mark for the day but nothing really giant was even seen. I think the water temps are still a little too warm to drive the bigger biters into the feed mode. With all this warm weather upon us for the next several days, it won’t get any better either. Regardless of the lack of bigguns, the numbers game was a real pleasure for both Sam & Martin today. Overall a very successful fishing day!!