I had a full boat today with Patrick, Chris and John all looking for a great day on the lake. Unfortunately, everybody else was out there too! With this unbelievable heat wave we’ve been experiencing, everyone with a boat was on the water. The air temps reached into the 70’s once again and the water temps actually went up to 62.5 degrees. High sunshine and a SW wind of 10 to 20 knots were also present as we headed to the first area to fish. We spent a few hours trolling, looking for that Holy Grail. Without any success, we pulled the plug on this and immediately headed to an area in search of smallies. Within the first few casts everyone was hooked up and now they were finally catching fish. Cranks and jigs were responsible for all the action and someone always seemed to be locked up. For several more hours we jumped to different sections of the lake, all the while catching almost immediately after we arrived. Although there weren’t any real giants landed today, there were still plenty of three to four pounders brought to the net. With holiday commitments scheduled, they called the day early. By 4:00 they were on the way to their destinations and I was headed home too. It wasn’t a fast & furious day like I am use too but given the time allotted for bass, they fended very well. It was still a great day for fishing!!