I had the pleasure of fishing with someone today that would put most clients to shame. Rahe brought his son Enzo along and I knew it was going to be a great day. Anytime I have a kid on the boat, things are always great! Today was going to be no different as Rahe informed me that he always comes in second when fishing with his son. We met at the dock by 7:30 and were fishing within minutes. Smallies were what they wanted and smallies were what they were going to catch. With flat calm conditions upon us and a cool morning as well, I knew we would be crushing them today. Water temps were slightly above 61 degrees and the high today was going to reach the upper 70’s. Not much of a fall so far! First up was Enzo on the spinnerbait and it might have even been on his first cast. Although both Rahe & Enzo fish plenty, it’s always limited as they fish from the shore. Today was going to be a real treat with all the open water places I would bring them to. I believe that his son had chances at about 5 or 6 fish before Rahe finally connected with one of his own. By throwing the spinnerbaits, they were finding fish and getting hammered in the process. There’s no mistaking the hit from a smallie on a spinnerbait. It’s about as subtle as a brick upside the head! Now that they had both broken the ice, I figured that I would change up presentations and have them throw some jigs for the non aggressive ones. Apparently it worked as they locked up almost immediately and the numbers were soaring. Rahe was still behind and as luck would have it, that never changed. This little guy was like a machine! I refined some of his techniques and like a sponge; he absorbed all the information immediately. He was so focused on what was going on that the fish never really had a chance. I don’t remember exactly how many fish were landed on our first stop, but it was a lot. After most of them had either been caught or stuck, the balance became nervous and just wouldn’t eat. Along with the flat calm conditions and crystal clear water came the lethargic bass and it was time to relocate. I decided to try another area with some current as dead water never works out well when fishing smallies here. A quick run to another section of the lake had Enzo locked up on his first cast once again. It didn’t seem to matter where we were, he just caught them everywhere! I had them stay with the tube jigs for the remainder of the day, all the while catching some great smallies. As with each & every move, Enzo was right on the money, hooking up immediately after arrival. I even tried a few areas that hadn’t been producing well all year and they managed to hook more than the year combined. It was just one of those days when everything came together and both Rahe & his son Enzo caught fish all day long. Smallies from two to over 4 pounds were caught all day long and even a couple of walleye at the very end. All I can say is that despite his attempts to come back, Rahe still took a back seat to Enzo today. Final count; Enzo 37 & Rahe 31! Definitely not a bad day to be on the lake!!