Adam & Monique were with me today all the way from Arizona. They were celebrating their honeymoon and staying in the Laurentians for the week. With both having a love for fishing, they decided to hook up with me for a day of phenomenal bass fishing! Conditions seemed perfect with a warm morning air and higher temperatures to come later in the day. Water temps were still hanging in above 70 degrees and I knew the fish would bite! Our first stop had several missed hits before they began getting the hang of everything and keeping them pinned. Monique was hooking several big ones and had high fours in the boat before Adam got to experience his own. Women & kids always rule! In just a couple of hours, they had multiple doubles and so many hookups that they made it look simple. The fish were active and they were taking advantage of their hunger! When things slowed, I relocated to another section of the lake in hopes of similar action. We weren’t disappointed as hits were had almost immediately after we arrived. I had Adam throw a spinnerbait to try & find the active ones and Monique continued to drag a jig slowly over the hard bottom. As with every day on the lake, it just wouldn’t be complete without at least one sturgeon. Today was no different, as we managed to bring a couple to the boat again! Adam even hooked up on a rather sluggish fish with the blade bait and I was soon netting a beautiful walleye, within the slot. I think he was surprised to see it come in, but not as shocked as the fish. Too bad for the fish too as she was going to be the appetizer at dinner tonight! Instead of being stuck in traffic heading back up north, I proposed that they stick around here to eat and wait out the rush hour mess. It wasn’t too difficult to convince them as the walleye before would be a real treat! Back to the fishing we went and catching they did, as every location we stopped in had great results. By mid afternoon the air temperature felt more like summer and were hovering around 80 degrees, really sending the fish shallow. Bait fish were on the move and so were the bass. A few of the locations saw bass busting both perch as well as small shiner minnows. They were active and chowing down on anything that looked edible! This would be a trip that they would remember for several reasons and fishing would be second to none! Somewhere around 4:30 we shut her down and called it a day. It was one of the easiest days I had in a while and Adam & Monique got to experience smallmouth fishing at its finest. They both had personal bests many times over and battled fish all day long. Oh yeah, dinner was great too!!