This was the third & final day of the trip for John & Gerry and I wanted it to be their best. We hooked up around the same time and were on the water shortly after, looking for those angry fish. Overcast skies plagued us once again as they made their first casts. Winds were a little lighter today but from the same hateful NE direction and air temps were in the 60’s. I had them throw jigs to start, instead of the usual blades as I felt they were not the preferred choice this morning. Apparently, I was right as both were locked up within their first few casts! This was to go on for quite a while with some fish being landed and others lost on the jumps. When things slowed to just a crawl, I headed out and hit a different location further away. Gerry was on fire this morning and every time I looked over, his rod was bent! Although they weren’t all bass, he was getting fish. At one point he locked up three casts in a row and landed a bass and two sturgeon. He added another sturgeon a little later and John also landed his first. These fish are definitely all over the lake this year as I don’t think I’ve had a single day this season, without one. We hung in for a while longer as the bass weren’t finished eating jigs yet! Just when I thought it was all over, John hooked into a nice walleye that was having a bad day. It fell into the slot and was going to be on the menu as an appetizer this evening. Off we went again and they kept picking at the bass for the remainder of the day. Although there weren’t any real giants landed today, there were still plenty of threes and fours coming aboard. I don’t want to even estimate how many fish were hooked in the time they were here but it was lots! I jumped to several other smaller areas looking for quick bites before pulling the plug on this trip and calling it a day. We had endured three consecutive days of not so perfect weather, to say the least and they came out on top. Fall smallies were on the menu and they dined first class! I just hope they weren’t too spoiled while here and able to adjust to their pressured waters back home. It was definitely a three day trip well worth the distance travelled!!