I had a couple of days off this week and decided to make the best of them by scouting out new water. Some areas didn’t pan out too well but others were absolutely phenomenal! This season has been a real roller coaster ride with many of the historically good places completely void of fish causing me to go on the hunt for new ones. Thankfully, the success rate has been high and size and numbers of everything keep coming aboard daily. This day was no different as the morning saw me anchoring a quality walleye area and putting a limit of decent sized fish into the livewell for a dinner this evening. Will and Kristin were scheduled to fish with me tomorrow but arrived in the city early, with today’s schedule free. I thought it would be nice to head out for a few hours this afternoon for a little prelude to tomorrow and picked them up at the dock by noon. With bluebird skies and no wind the air temps felt like they were almost 90 degrees. Off we went to an area that I thought might be holding fish in these conditions and it didn’t take long before both were moving fish. Unfortunately with the lack of wind came the lack of current and nothing was moving well. Even the weeds were at a standstill as we casted to mostly followers. I had to go to a current break just to get some action and finally managed to get them into both bass and a few sturgeon. While Kristin was fighting one of these beasts, I managed to lock up on another and now both of them were hard at battle with prehistoric creatures on their lines. Somehow I managed to get a hold of both and landed them for a few pics. This was the first time either had seen or caught a sturgeon and added to a long list of different species. Although they did manage to catch several smallies, the area was holding many more sturgeon than bass causing me to make a move quicker than expected. Our next location was primarily a walleye zone and we stayed for over a half hour without landing a thing. Oh there were many hits, misses and partial hookups but nay a fish came to the net. This was really frustrating as I knew what was here and all they did was nip at the baits without taking them in. With time not on our side I made one final move and they picked up a few more bass before we called it a day. I had fish to clean and needed a little time to complete everything before we hit the restaurant for dinner. Somewhere shortly after 4:00 we packed it in and headed back to the dock. It would have been a shame to waste a beautiful afternoon and the lake was the place to be. With the long weekend upon us, there would surely be loads of boats on the water tomorrow. Getting an early start was just a bonus! Great day today, better one tomorrow!!