Hassan, Sam and their father Ahmad were joining me today and looking for a numbers kind of day! We hit the water after 8:30 in high SW winds and cool air temps. The water was above 70 degrees but the air had a chill at just over 60 degrees when we headed to our first location. It would be the day of lost fish! By fishing fast we were able to cover some water but the conditions didn’t allow us to slow down like we needed to do and I’m sure many fish were passed over. Several fish were lost on tubes before Hassan finally put the first decent smallie in the boat on a spinnerbait. They weren’t hammering the lures and although this one did come to the net, most were just pushing the blades. Ahmad was dragging a tube and when it didn’t get covered with weeds and he was able to keep it clean, he had chances at fish. Sam was a little slow at getting started but once the sun came out good, he too began getting into a few of his own. We moved a lot due to high fishing boat traffic as I was trying to remain in areas with less pressure. This was pretty difficult however as each time one of us caught a fish, others began their move. At one point, there were 4 boats surrounding us making casting quite difficult. To make matters worse, we were the only boat hooking fish and most of them were coming unpinned. For some reason, they were losing many more than they were landing and the hooks were razor sharp. Ahmad managed to keep his percentage around half as his dead sticking approach was working for him quite well. They even managed to keep my sturgeon record going when Hassan landed his first of the year! We relocated several times due to the traffic, all the while keeping close by the areas holding fish. Similar results were happening wherever we fished and although they were getting the bites, closing the deal was becoming more & more frustrating. Sam needed to leave by 4:00 so we pulled the plug around 3:30 and headed back. I’m not quite sure how many fish were landed today but I do know that if you multiplied it by 5 or 6 you would have the number of chances they had. Tough results today!!