Hassan & his father in law Christopher joined me once again this morning on what looked to be an ominous day with strange weather. We managed to get in the water just after 8:00 and were into fish almost immediately. The skies were showing signs of threatening storms brewing and I knew it was just a matter of time. Winds were out of the NE and light when we started. Water temps were above 73 degrees and the air was even warmer. Although the humidity was present, it felt really damp and extra clothing had to be worn in order to stay comfortable. The first fish of the day turned out to be a sturgeon as it attacked the slowly dragged tube and took to the air. I could see the bait hanging from its fat lips and too much pressure caused it to tear out when she went to the air. Several bass were taken afterwards and one walleye before thunder was heard in the distance. Once the lightening appeared, it was a mad dash back to the ramp and the shelter of our vehicles. Clouds were moving in two different directions and I had déjà vu from a previous trip. It didn’t take long before the skies let loose and the storm was upon us in full force. We had to stay in the trucks for over a half hour before it was safe enough to get back on the water. I wasn’t sure what if any impact this had on the fish but went right back to where we began, just to see. Apparently, it had none as Hassan locked up almost immediately. The winds were now blowing from the SW and with the aid of the current, allowed us to present the baits perfectly. With the aid of a drift, the jigs were remaining in the fish’s strike zone longer and they were eating them pretty good. A bunch more bass were taken along with another decent walleye before we switched to another area a little further up the lake. I knew we could have had more success by staying but needed a change of scenery. Once again, the drift & drag allowed us to cover water effectively and a couple of fish were taken quickly. I slid out a little deeper to see if we could improve on the size and it was here that Hassan locked up on a bruiser. We never got to see the fish and based on the bent rod, it was big! Somehow the jig just pulled out and he was left in disappointment. He shook it off and got right back in the game and minutes later was battling another big fish that also ended badly. Way back in the distance we all saw the monster bass take to the air and the tube jig sail back to the boat. Judging by its mass, I estimated her to be in the five pound range. Shortly after we called it a day and headed back to the ramp somewhat satisfied with the results of the day. It could have been worse if we weren’t able to return to the lake this morning but Mother Nature cut us some slack. All in all a pretty good day!!