Will & Kristin met up with me once again this morning and we hit the water shortly after 7:30. The previous weather forecast called for rain showers and cloudy skies but we were in sunshine and beautiful conditions. Air temps were already in the mid 70’s and it had the makings of another great day! I began in an area looking for a few more walleye to take home and was surprised to come up empty. We all had several hits and a few hooked up but nothing came to the boat. A quick change had us concentrating on bass afterwards and it didn’t take long before Kristin had her first fish on the line. l came back soon after with a few of his own and it was on! We caught fish in every area we stopped and although it wasn’t fast & furious, it was still great. The sunshine and lack of wind made fishing enjoyable, even with all the boat traffic. The morning fishing was good but not what I expected so by afternoon I was looking for another area in hopes of bigger and more smallies. I found such a spot after lunch and the action began. We had several doubles and plenty of bass were coming aboard now, along with a few walleye. We had wanted a couple for an appetizer and we had them! I could tell that Kristin was starting to feel the lack of sleep catch up to her and decided to spend the last hour or so trolling. This would enable her to relax more and I was sure we would get into several fish as well. As luck would have it, the first reel to fire had a feisty smallie attached and she was back to fighting another bass. A nice fish of almost 4 pounds was landed but it wasn’t the largest of the day. She had managed to top 4 earlier and several close to that size as well. Will grabbed the next reel to scream and he was into a big fish by the looks of it. I expected him to have an over slot walleye by the way it was fighting but soon realized that it was a northern of almost 8 pounds. Strangely enough, it stayed down through the battle and acted like a walleye the entire fight. He was happy to have added another species of fish to this trip and after a few pics, we released it back to the lake. I reset the lines and in the next 15 minutes of trolling, had just a couple of drive byes to show for our efforts. It was now getting on and somewhere around 4:30, we pulled the plug and headed back to the dock for the day. They had expected to be fishing in the rain on this trip but instead, had a day and a half of absolutely beautiful weather. Plenty of fish were caught including a first the previous day and all was good. They still had another day in the city but would remember these last couple the most. Walleye, bass, sturgeon and even a northern had satiated Will & Kristin enough to hold them over until their next outing back home. Overall a surprisingly great couple of days despite the expected weather forecast!!