Well, Friday the 13th is no longer superstitious as Jim, Matt & Shawn found out today while catching a variety of fish species. Not only did they fish on an unlucky day but they even brought bananas to add to the pain. Try this trick down in Florida and they wouldn’t even let you on the boat! A double whammy to say the least was what we were faced with but we definitely overcame all the odds to turn this day into a great fishing experience. These guys were in for a friend’s bachelor party and wanted to fish before all the fun began. Another boat was needed for the other two guys and fortunately Mike was willing to help me out, as he wasn’t booked today. We all left the dock at the same time and went our separate ways as I was in hot pursuit of walleye for them to cook up tonight. The weather looked like it was going to accommodate us quite well with light winds and sunshine all day long. Although it would turn out to be very hot, it made for a beautiful day compared to yesterday’s horrific east wind disaster. It took a little longer to hook up than I had expected as I began in the deeper water and had to fight all the floating vegetation. Without a single rip, I soon realized that there wasn’t any reason to stay here any longer and moved to shallower areas with different lures. Almost immediately the first fish was on and I think it was Jim that soon landed a small northern. Once I was in position over what I wanted, another reel fired and this time Shawn was reeling in the first walleye of around three pounds. Matt had the next one and he too was bringing another walter aboard. This went on for a couple of hours as we continued to hook up on bass, pike and several walleye before we decided to move to a casting spot for smallies. As with the walleye, I began in slightly deeper water and found that there were very few fish around. As I moved shallower it all changed though as we began the fun. Everyone was hooking bass from 2 pounds to over 4 pounds frequently and plenty of action was had by all. All except Matt however as he decided to marry the spinnerbait! I’ll give the guy credit though as he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword! I know that if it were me there would be no way that I would stand by watching everyone fighting fish on soft plastics without giving it a try. These fish just weren’t very active and had to be finessed into eating what we had to offer. Spinnerbaits just weren’t on the menu! I moved around for a bit all the while having someone tight lined and fighting a bass. The other boat had a similar day with different results, fish wise. They hadn’t caught any walleye, just several bass and one beautiful Muskie over 46 inches. They were tired from the lack of sleep the night before and wanted to call it at 3:00 P.M. so we obliged them and did the same. By the time it arrived we were still hooking bass and it was a shame we had to leave as there were plenty more to be caught where we were. We packed it up, headed back to the dock to meet the others and called it a day. In the 7 or so hours out they managed to catch plenty of fish and figured they would rest for a few hours before heading out on the town to begin their bachelor party weekend. Overall it was a great day on the water and thanks to Mike and his boat, all had many memories of their Montreal trip even before the main event began. Party on guys!!!