Hassan joined me today and he brought along a couple of guests as well. His father, Ahmad and his father in law, Christopher were about to have a great day on the water catching loads of smallmouth bass. We hooked up shortly after 7:30 on what had the makings of an overcast day. The air temps were in the 70’s with high humidity and I knew we were going to get them! With water temps holding at 75.5 degrees the bass were stable and I went straight to an area that had quality fish. Winds were out of the west but at less than 5 knots, they were almost non existent. Senkos would be the ticket today as the water seemed like someone had shut the current flow off once again. In the first couple of hours everyone caught fish but it wasn’t what I had expected. They were on the smaller side and I wanted bigger! Relocation was in order so I headed further up the lake, in search of bigger fish. Although this stop was only supposed to be a brief one, we managed to stay here for close to two hours. It was loaded and they were eating everything we threw at them! Tubes and senkos were being picked up on almost every cast and bass were consistently coming to the net. I don’t think there was anything really big as most were in the 2 to 3 pound range and it was on fire. We even managed to land another sturgeon on a tube once again and saw several others lurking around as well. When the action slowed we shifted to another area and continued the process once more, catching smallies consistently again. I’m not sure if there was a four pounder taken today but there were plenty of others slightly smaller landed and loads more missed. With the day getting on and Hassan wanting to get some walleye for his guests, I pulled the plug on bass and switched to the troll. As with every day, there’s always an amount of time needed to locate these fish and today was no different. Close to fifteen minutes went by before the first reel went off and it was game on! A 16 inch walleye came to the net and soon after another of the same size also was boated securing my theory of where they were holding. I immediately reset the lines and began covering this area a little more thoroughly as another fish hit the lure again. This time I could tell that it was considerably larger and instructed Christopher to reel in slowly so as not to pull the hooks free. As I slid the net under a 20 inch fish, one of the other reels went off and we had a double. Unfortunately, it was a pike and disappointment was the result! We were getting ready to pull the plug on this day when the final reel went off and once again Christopher landed a 19 inch walleye giving each of them a couple of fish for the table tonight. As I brought in the balance of the lines, I noticed that we had a rider and handed the line off to someone, to reel in the last walleye of the day. Another 16 incher was boated and we were on our way. Although it took me 15 minutes to locate feeding fish it took only 30 to boat 6, with 5 of them being walleye. Not a bad average! The day ended with a bang and everyone was happy with the results. Hassan’s dad and father in law got to see what he had been describing and experience it for themselves today. As an added bonus, they’ll even get to sample some of the finest fresh water fish around. All in all a great day to be on the lake!!