We left home shortly after midnight, aimed for the Toronto region of Lake Ontario in search of some silver. Somewhere along the way, we encountered rain that was more like a monsoon than a rainstorm. It was coming down so hard that even the wipers weren’t clearing the windows fast enough. Along with this, we had an electrical storm that turned night time into day! It was so bright that it became blinding every time it flashed. I wondered what kind of impact it would have on the fish! We held off at the dock when we arrived for quite a while as storm after storm passed over us before we ventured out. It wasn’t pretty out there as we were to find out and average 4 footers were rolling strong from the SE with fives & sixes thrown in for laughs. There was no way we would be able to fish into the waves so we ran to the furthest area and trolled back in the giant rollers. It was like being in an amusement park on a hell ride! Fortunately the fishing didn’t seem to suffer from all of this and a bunch of kings fell victim to the presentations being offered. Greg was on his “A” Game and the conditions didn’t seem to matter. The weather forecast called for the winds to diminish and switch west by mid day and we hoped they were right. Unfortunately as usual, they weren’t and west was east all day! They did reduce slightly though and in the afternoon we were able to troll in all directions. The bite didn’t seem slow for us but Greg was thinking it was and kept moving and switching up baits looking for the mother load. He may never have found it but he did pick at them pretty good and by the time it was all over we had boated almost 20 kings up to 25 pounds. We fished until 5:00 until we had enough and pulled the lines for the day. Everyone was kind of tired by now from the long day and it was unanimous. Despite Greg’s attempt at improving the hookups for the day, we definitely were happy with the outcome and couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Everyone would be getting a good night’s sleep and the fish would be in trouble!