Part 2: While the morning saw us getting into the smallies, the afternoon was a complete turn around. What began with bass soon switched over to quality walleye bites. The first few fish were still large brownies but then the big walters started hitting. It was getting difficult to catch something in the slot for the rest of the family as they were just big. I think the first one to come aboard was over 24 inches and became a picture fish. After that, another 23 then a 25 and finally one around 18 made it into the livewell again. We did manage to take home 4 fish between 16 & 19 inches but released five others over 24 inches. The largest one went a hair over 26 and a decent fish by anyone’s standards. With the lake getting a little hectic with boat traffic, we decided to call it quits around 3:00. We had about 5 hours of fishing and managed to get a couple of dozen fish with 75% being above average ones. Between bass and walleye, the full moon from yesterday lived up to its standards. We may not have slayed them but I’ll take a day like this anytime. Big fish bites are always more fun than the average size and getting as many as we did today, really makes for a great outing. Hopefully, the next full moon will prove equally as productive!!