Christiane & I hit the water late today as we were undecided whether or not the weather would be a factor. It was calling for showers and possible storms but the radar looked doable. By 10:30 we were wetting a line and attempting a few walleye of our own for the dinner table! It was really slow fishing for them and we didn’t get a bite in the first hour. I immediately pulled the plug and headed somewhere else and began drop shotting instead. Here we managed to get several good smallmouth up to 4 pounds and one tiny walleye that was returned unharmed. I thought I would give the troll another try and went back to the same area that hadn’t produced a strike earlier. Someone must have turned the light switch on because it took less than 3 minutes for the first reel to fire. Unfortunately, it was a northern, but it was action! Not long after, both reels screamed simultaneously and we were doubled up. Christiane had a decent walleye and I had a big northern that went just under 8 pounds. I reset the lines and almost immediately, another reel fired and a smallmouth went airborne. Then the other reel went off again and a walleye almost made it to the net. It came unpinned before I could get a shot at her and got an early release. As fast as this show started, it stopped. We spent the next 45 minutes without a single strike and I decided to make another move. Besides the fact that the weather was killing us with no wind, sunshine and high humidity, the fish had disappeared! This next move was definitely the right one as a reel went off as soon as the rod went in the water. Christiane was battling something big and it was staying down all the way to the boat. Big walleye I thought and I was right. I slid the net under one over 24 inches, shot a few pics and returned her back to the lake. It was this area that was to give us the best results as reels were firing constantly. A mix of walleye, pike and quality smallmouth bass were coming aboard and we had action. One of the reels went off hard and something heavy was on giving Christiane a hard time. This made me think she had been taken down into the weeds. She applied a little more pressure to try & free it and I thought she was gaining until the line started going out of the reel once again. I immediately brought in the other rod and started backing up to see if I could regain some of the lost line when she finally turned the fish and started gaining. To both our amazement, it hadn’t bogged her down in the weeds at all, it was just big! She had a decent muskie on the other end and real bonus of a fish. Eventually I was able to get the boga on her trophy and brought the muskie into the boat for a few quick pics. We hadn’t hurt the fish at all and although the release was slow, it ended in a face wash! Hateful creature! We fished a little longer after and continued to boat bass & walleye but no more bonuses. By 4:00 we had enough of this heat and just packed it in. It was definitely a good choice today as not only did she have a Grand Slam of a day but she had the bonus fish she was looking for without even trying for it. It’s amazing how much fight these fish put up when being battled on walleye gear! Overall, a great 5 hours or so of fishing on yet another scorcher of a day!!