This morning I was joined by Leslie, Sam & Elliot on a local lake for smallmouth bass. I had fished with Leslie before but the others were newbie’s and would require a little training. We launched shortly after 8:30 and Leslie wasted no time hooking up in the first area while I was instructing Sam & Elliot on the basics of the equipment. Although it was only around 3 pounds, it was a start and got everybody pumped for more. The conditions were perfect with little to no wind and 75 degrees. Sunshine would be with us throughout, despite the weather forecast of thunder showers later in the day. We must have spent close to 3 hours in the first area catching a bunch of bass before moving a short distance away for even more. Sam & Elliot had finally learned the casting techniques needed to fish & were hooking some of their own on senko’s. Leslie switched back & forth with the spinnerbait & senko as well. He would finally be the one to hook into & land the bass we were searching for. This fish was over 4 pounds and worthy of a pic or two before being released. Several others were also caught in the next hour or so but nothing would come close to the last one. We pulled the plug on this fishing and switched up to trolling for walleye for the last 45 minutes of the trip. They had hoped to be able to take a few home but cut the time needed a little short. We did manage to get a northern and another bass but I never really located the walleye in the little time allotted as we ended the morning trip. I was to meet another party at the dock and we called it quits. They had caught a bunch of decent bass throughout the morning and had a great time while doing so. Paul & his son Sam were my afternoon guests and Sam was looking for a big fish. He hadn’t caught walleye before and I thought I would drop the lines in and see if I could have better luck in another area. It didn’t take long before the first reel screamed and a smallie went to the air. Unfortunately it came unpinned almost immediately and Sam was left holding an empty rod. Back it went and a little later another reel went off and he was officially reeling in his very first walleye. It may have been small but it was the first! We only managed to get one other small walleye before I decided to hit another area for bass, further up the lake. The weather was holding out great despite the predicted day of thunder showers and we were glad. I wasn’t sure if I would have the morning group let alone an afternoon outing based on the earlier weather reports. This next area had been full of bass just the day before and I hoped it was still loaded for Sam & his dad. We all threw senko’s and fished slowly in anticipation and really had to work for a few bites. The bass weren’t too big but the fight was unbelievable as Paul was finding out. Sam had been looking for a big fish and he was about to get his wish as a huge sturgeon was hooked up on a jig. The battle was quite spectacular and several aerials were seen as he muscled this beast closer to the boat. Finally, I was able to glove the tail and bring his trophy aboard! The raw power of these prehistoric creatures had him smiling from ear to ear. Several pics were taken before releasing her back to the lake and Sam’s wish had been granted. He had landed his very first sturgeon and it was a beauty. We went back to fishing the area and managed a few more bites before I headed further up the lake looking for active bass. There were a couple of others caught in this area but the clouds were moving in and skies were darkening, making me a little uneasy. I was blocked by the land and couldn’t really see what was coming and didn’t like it. There were chances of thunder showers and I decided to get closer to the boat ramp just in case. We called it for this area and made our way back to the open water where I could have a better look at what was coming. I was planning on fishing again but once I got a 360 degree look at the sky, I knew we were in trouble. We were surrounded by black skies and I could see lightening in certain areas. This afternoon was over! The boat was on the trailer and we were only in the truck for a couple of minutes when the skies opened up and the winds began. Timing is everything! If we had waited any longer, we would have been in this instead of in the safety of the truck. Although we had cut the afternoon trip short, Sam had managed to obtain two firsts and one of them was a real trophy. I’m sure neither of them will ever forget their time spent in Montreal and the pictures will provide the memories!!