What a difference a day makes! This morning I met an old client and his wife at the ramp, looking out at average 3 & 4 foot waves from the SW. Brim and Krysta were given the option to reschedule to another day when I saw the lake, but decided to go out anyway. Although the air temps were in the 70’s the humidity still remained and putting on rain gear for the unexpected was a little warm. If there was any good to this it would have been that we at least had to run somewhat into the wind! I had a three mile ride to make and it was a little bumpy as we got further away from the shore. Some of the rollers were now in the 4 to 5 foot class as we made our way to the first fishing area. I knew that with these winds I would be limited to where I could fish and this was one of the better areas to start. The winds were howling but at least we managed, as the waves were under a foot. For several hours we made our way over a series of rock piles and weed flats catching a bunch of smallies along the way. It was tough trying to fish a weightless senko in the wind and pickups were very difficult to detect. At one point I had both Krysta and Brim throwing a spinnerbait just so they could have some control. One of the areas produced a flurry of active feeding bass and both of them were hooking up for a while. The blades were getting the attention but it was short lived. Once they had stung 10 or 12 smallies, it just came to a stop. They were wise to us now and we had to go back to a more finesse like approach to pick up a few additional bites. Tube jigs were used to entice several more non active ones before we moved on. I knew we couldn’t marry this flat all day long and sometime in the afternoon decided to take the punishment and try another deeper area with drop shot rigs. The winds had diminished slightly and were now blowing at 15 to 25 knots from the SW instead of the earlier gusts upwards of 40 and we only had 2 & 3 footers to contend with. I set them up over a series of deep water bumps and instructed them on how to feel for the bottom as we began. In order to fish this place correctly I was forced to use the kicker and had to almost back troll just to remain vertical. Without splash guards it was impossible to keep the waves from coming over the transom as some huge rollers entered the back of the boat. Brim thought this was amusing from the front deck but Krysta wasn’t too impressed with him as she was in the back. We managed to do this for almost 2 hours and caught several bass along the way. Unfortunately, the larger ones always managed to come unpinned as they took to the air after the hook set. Both Brim & Krysta had their shot at 3 to 4 pound fish but the conditions made it difficult to hold on. Somewhere after 4:00 we decided to head back and called it a day. Despite the cruel punishment Mother Nature had given us, we still managed close to 30 hookups. There’s really no winning with her as she seems to either kill me with flat calm or hurricane like conditions when I’m out. All in all a pretty decent day regardless of what we were dealt!!