Neil was with me today and finally taking a day off work for a little relaxation! We hit the water before 8:00 and tried a little trolling as he too wished to take a few walleye home for the table. Plenty of multi species days this summer! We set the lines and began looking for old marble eyes for close to an hour without success. A couple of small ones and a bass or two were all we had to show for our efforts so we pulled the plug. Smallies were the next target and apparently the right decision as they were biting. Neil threw a spinnerbait for a bit searching for the aggressive ones and only managed a few before I switched him up to a jig and down he went. They obviously wanted it slower because he started catching them by crawling the tube through the rocks. In the next area he went back to the spinnerbait and as luck would have it, landed a walleye on his second cast. Now there was one! A couple of smallies later he was once again switching up to another presentation as the aggressive bait bite died. Senkos were thrown and many a hookup was had. Nothing really big but a few in the 3 to 3.5 pound range and real fighters! He even managed to land a small sturgeon on a tube jig as there were a few of them feeding on the same flat. It wasn’t until we moved over to another area that he finally hooked into a bruiser and landed one of photo caliber. This thing jumped several times and put up one hell of a battle before it came close enough to be netted. It was definitely in the upper 4 pound range and after several pics, released to fight another day. Even though it may have been the only fish of that size today, all the others landed fought like champs as well! We fished a few more areas for smallies with both senkos and tubes and caught everywhere we went. I knew Neil wanted to take a few walleye home for his family so I allotted about an hour or so at the end of the day and went back to trolling. It was apparently the right choice as we were hooked up immediately. The last part of the day saw almost 10 Dore landed and he picked a few of them for dinner! By making the right moves today we were able to stay on the fish all the time and kept catching throughout. The weather was beautiful, the fish were biting and all was good! Neil couldn’t have chosen a more perfect day to get away from work and had a great ay of fishing as an added bonus. Back to the dock we went fully satisfied with the outcome of today and the walleye were definitely the icing on the cake for the day. He & his family would be eating well tonight!!