I met up with Richard and Mark today at the boat ramp and began fishing before 8:00. Mark wanted to take a few walleye home today so I thought I would get a quick start and try early. We were going to have another heat wave, so fishing for walleye early was a better choice! Within an hour, we had managed to land about a half dozen and kept a few of the smaller eaters for him. Richard was happy to be done as he never really enjoyed trolling let alone walleye. Ironically, he wanted to try his hand at a muskie and we went trolling for them. I guess we tried for another hour without any luck before we pulled the lines and relocated again. This time he wanted to try casting for them instead so I re rigged the rods and had them casting weeds for these creatures. Another hour with only one follow and we were once more relocating and changing species! Smallies were the target this time and now I was in my element! We immediately headed to a flat loaded with bass and the game was on. Senkos were thrown and bass were being caught by both and all was good. This went on for over an hour or so before it slowed and we relocated again. More smallies but slower than usual had us staying for only a short period here and now we were contemplating a largemouth move. After re rigging a few of the rods we were casting deep in the weeds in pursuit for old bucket head! The winds were blowing pretty hard, but we were somewhat sheltered where we were as I demonstrated the technique needed for these bass. Mark had been thrown to the lions today. As a novice, he had only fished a couple of times in his life. It seemed that as soon as he became comfortable with one technique, we pulled the plug and gave him a new challenge. This time, it would be no different! I made one or two casts through the weeds with a soft plastic and was immediately locked up on a high four. Now they were pumped and really got into it! Richard was throwing a frog and Mark took over the rod I had and we went to work on the entire area hoping for a few more bites. Well, it was a tough go as there was only one more bass around 3.5 pounds and a beaver fish caught in the two hours we spent here. The day was getting on and I thought if they wanted to catch a few more fish, I was going to have to change up again and take them for smallies. Off we went to another area and they started throwing tubes for these brownies. In the last 45 minutes or so, they managed to get a handful of bass each and all was good. At least until some idiot cut between us & the shore and drove right over the rocks we were fishing, full throttle. If I was closer, I would have hit him in the head with the jig! After this, all went south and the fish just shut down causing us to leave. Some people!! Despite all the changes and moving around, we had a pretty good day. It was filled with plenty of action and variety, both technique and species. Talk about a crash course in fishing!