Jeff & Mariann were with me today for probably the best bass action outing, so far this season. We met around 7:00 and were on the water soon after, in hot pursuit of smallies! The winds were from the N/W at 5 to 10 knots and the air was a chilly 69 degrees as we made our way to the first spot. Jeff had fished tournaments before so I knew all I had to do was put him on fish and he would catch them. Mariann hadn’t fished since she was a kid and the basics were where she was to start. While I was instructing her on how to handle the rod & reel, we saw a bass go to the air near the boat. Not to my surprise, it was pinned to Jeff’s spinnerbait and only on his second cast. It’s never good luck to hook up on your first and Jeff was aware of that too! I knew right then & there that we were going to have a fantastic day! Immediately after the first, he nailed another on the next cast and several more before Mariann even made her first cast. It didn’t take too long before she was casting on her own and both Jeff & I were amazed at how fast she picked it up. She was throwing a spinnerbait as well but not having the same results as Jeff. Every time I looked over, his rod was doubled over and he was fighting another fish. Now I know why they call him the vacuum back home! It took a while before Mariann got into one of her own and it wasn’t on a spinnerbait but rather a slowly fished senko. She was starting to get the hang of it and we weren’t even an hour into the day. I don’t think she realized just how strong these smallies actually were until she had one on the other end of the line. Although it beat her up pretty good, I was soon able to net her prize and capture a few “Kodak” moments before another release. We stayed in this area until the fish started being too small to enjoy and then shifted to another spot close by for more. Jeff was now on a tube and repeating what he had started in the first place while Mariann was still throwing a senko and getting use to the whole process. Round two was another turkey shoot as the vacuum was running on high and loving every minute of this day. He usually has to fish deep back home with a drop shot rig but was power fishing in shallow water today. Although Mariann wasn’t catching nearly as many, she was still getting into some of her own and enjoying fishing once again. The winds were blowing pretty good where we were, creating quite a chop on the water and I’m sure this had something to do with the activity level of the bass. I knew there were plenty more fish in the area so I shifted directions and Jeff casted a crankbait from a different angle. What a surprise, he locked up several more times, once again! It didn’t seem to matter what he threw, they just ate! Eventually we decided to relocate and run up the lake looking for less windy areas to fish. It was here that Jeff got a topwater bite with a spook and it was a bigun! Of course the fish had to hit at long range making the fight last even longer than it should. Couple that with the second hook pinning her in the side and he had a battle on his hands. Eventually I was able to slip the net under a four pounder and so far the best fish of the day. We fished this area for a while and both Mariann & Jeff were hooking up pretty good on a variety of baits. These fish were just chewing well today! The next three spots were carbon copies of every previous location, as we could do no wrong! When it neared the end of the day, we made one final stop on another spot looking for a few more biters. Well, this lasted about an hour when they just wouldn’t stop biting! Jeff began the ball rolling with several good ones on a spinnerbait and then switched to a tube for the slower biters. Mariann was matching him on a senko with plenty of others as well and it wasn’t time to leave. The cardinal rule is never to leave fish biting and I wasn’t going to break it today! We just stayed on the fish, pounding them right till the end. Even when we did decide to leave, there was a fish caught on the last cast. I think they had filtered through all the large & medium ones and were now into the smaller bass when we headed back. This was Jeff’s first experience with the lake but after today, not his last. Mariann on the other hand, has a whole new outlook on Jeff’s love of the sport and I’m sure will be joining him on future fishing trips. Words cannot explain just how good today actually was, so let’s just say it was insane and leave it at that!!