Day 2 saw the opposite as winds were practically non existent when we started and sunshine & cloud were upon us instead of storms. It took no time to get the lines in the water and not much longer to hook up. Christiane was battling one of many king salmon and loving every minute of it! Spoons, cut bait, flashers, dodgers, wire, lead core, planers, flies & more were in the water and the fish were given an entire buffet to eat from. Some worked better than the others, but eventually all did just fine. Greg had the program dialed in and we were on fish! We decided that today we would take a few fish home and harvested some of the smaller ones for friends and consumption. It wasn’t difficult to fill the order as the fish were really cooperating this morning! Just about every 15 minutes or so after one battle, another rod would go off and it was game on once again. Christiane never really complained about the battles until one fish decided to take her from 220 to almost 800 on the line counter. We thought we had Moby! We actually had to clear all the other lines and make a turn just to get back some of the line. Although this fish wasn’t small, it wasn’t what we had thought it might have been when I slid the net under her. It only weighed 26 pounds but had the power of a 30 plus for sure. Pure silver and full of piss & vinegar! Back to business and all the lines returned to the spread for another hookup. Eventually, the lead core & board went off and it was like watching a float go under while steelhead fishing. Three hundred feet of lead and still going! It’s always amazing that the fish can pull so hard with all the drag from the line in the water. The battle lasted quite a while before I was able to remove the board and let her finish the fight. This had to be a 20 minute battle for sure! Once in the net, Greg passed her another rod as it had also just fired and she was back to battling another bruiser once more. No rest for the wicked! After the last fight, this 15 pounder was no match and came in much quicker. Plenty of pics were taken from the day and the conditions changed throughout all the photos. Winds had started to blow from the west and we were fighting a strange current along with a west 15 to 20. Some areas were almost flat calm and others had 2 to 3 footers rolling. Despite all the weirdness in the water, we only had a couple of messes with the lines and no hardware was lost. That’s always a good thing because this can become quite costly! We hung in here until around 4:00 and then decided to head back to the dock. We had seen our fair share of fish and they had slowed down the bite, so it was time to pull the plug. In the two days combined there had been close to 40 fish landed and plenty of others lost in the battles and that was nothing to complain about. Having been out with other guides before on the lake for salmon, I can honestly say that there’s none better. Greg not only puts 100% into the game, but he loves every minute of it as well. I feel the same when I’m out with clients and that’s what separates us from the rest. You have to love what you’re doing and not make it feel like work to be able to perform at your max. Greg is just one of those that loves what he does and wants everyone to have a great time. It never seems to matter how tough the fishing may be, he always comes through in spades! We headed home completely satisfied in the two days, regardless of what “Mother Nature” had to say. If anyone reading this wants to contact Greg for an unbelievable day of salmon action on Lake Ontario, he can be reached at I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Tight lines to all!!