Sam & his brother Hassan joined me today along with their friend Steph for another amazing day of smallmouth bass action. We met up just after 7:30 and were on the water shortly after. I knew we were in for heavy boat traffic when there were already 8 trailers in the parking lot this early in the day! Our first spot turned out to be an over 3 hour stop as the fish just kept biting. The winds were blowing out of the N/W at 10 to 15 knots and really creating a good chop where we were. Although a few of the first ones were taken on a spinnerbait, it was the tube jig that was the winner. Water temps were in the low 70’s and heavily stained causing the visibility to be almost none. Apparently it didn’t matter to the fish as they were biting strong! Steph even managed another sturgeon on the tube and this was another first for him. It really didn’t seem to matter which color we used as the fish ate them all. We held here for quite some time until we lost the wind and the bite died. It’s amazing how sensitive they are to moving water and how it effects their feeding! I decided to relocate to another area, change up tactics and troll for a while. I set the lines and began to fish in an area that had been fishing well but for some reason, they didn’t want to cooperate. The water was almost flat calm here and it was scorching hot with the dog pecker knats. Unanimously, we decided to go back for smallies and battled the waves to get to another area and fish. I was right this morning when I had said there would be a lot of traffic and now we were in it. Boats were travelling in all directions and some really big cruisers that looked like they belonged on the ocean in Florida were rolling giant waves. Once again it felt like we were stuck in a washing machine! I managed to escape the traffic and headed somewhere much further away for the bass. This part of the lake was also flat calm except for the ocean like waves that bounced us around from time to time. Even this area wasn’t saved from the traffic! The fish weren’t moving too much with the lack of current and now I knew we would have to go to a senko if we wanted to catch anything. Even these baits weren’t convincing the fish very well as they just refused to eat. We managed to get several more of the medium sized bass but the larger ones just didn’t want to know anything. Time to shift again and this time we hit them good. They were not only eating senkos but the tube bite was working once again. Everyone was into fish and there were numbers of quality big ones landed in the last couple of hours in the day. Despite the lack of current flow, we were able to hit an area that had volume and I guess they were active. When we packed it up and started running back I knew it would be a bumpy ride. Once more the rollers from all the cruisers were rocking us all over the water. Thankfully we were in a Ranger and it didn’t seem that bad. I pity the smaller aluminum boats as they must have taken a beating! On the way back we made one more stop in a small area and the guys caught a pile more bass before the waves & traffic made me throw in the towel. We were bouncing all over trying to stay in a small area and it wasn’t easy. Especially standing on one leg while the other controlled the electric motor! It was still a rough ride back to the dock but at least I was sitting and not twisting all over trying to hold the boat in position. I know my back will be feeling this tomorrow! A fantastic day for bass was had by all, with Sammy finishing on top once again. It didn’t seem to matter though as everyone had caught their share and lost a bunch too!!!