Canada Day eh! Well I was on the water anyway, in probably the busiest water traffic day of the year, this season. Rakeen, Herne & Marlin joined me all the way from Jersey. They were in Montreal for a few days and wanted to see what the fishing was like in the city. We hit the water around 7:30 and I wasn’t surprised to see several other boats already fishing where I was heading. It was going to be a beautiful day and as a holiday, a busy one too! Highs in the mid 80’s along with only sunshine & no wind were predicted and every type of boat would be taking advantage today. We began trolling along a series of humps looking for our first walleye and it didn’t take long to find one. As the reel started to scream, so did another and we had doubles! Both Herne & Rakeen were into their first of many fish of the day and it was game on. We were soon landing one northern and a walleye and the livewell was fired up. They were going to eat well tonight! We concentrated in this area for a while and managed to land a few more fish, but it wasn’t up to par for me so we pulled the lines and relocated. The second area had the water temps around 65 degrees and down from several days before. I was sure the fish would be a little lethargic but set the lines and started to troll anyway. Well, it didn’t take long and one of the reels started screaming to the tune of northern pike. It was a good one too and soon on the boga for some picks. This fish was like a celebrity because everyone wanted her picture! We continued to troll varies sections of this area all the while hoping for more action. We managed to pick at them but as with the first place, it was a slow process. While I was prepping the lines for another species, the outside reel went off and Rakeen landed his first walleye ever. At 21.5 inches she was a beauty, but had to be released due to the new slot in Quebec. Several more pics and back she went. Next up was a shot at some bass action and apparently it was the right choice as we began getting them almost immediately. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and the elusive senko were all playing a role in hooking up and everyone was catching fish. The soft plastics were definitely out performing the other lures but I decided to keep the lineup this way trying to cover all the bases. Rakeen was having a great time up front with me on the senko and just crushing them one after the other. At one point I think he had a fish on for 5 casts in a row! Being use to getting smaller bass in Jersey he was amazed to see all the 3 pounders and just how strong they were. Of the 3 guys, he was the one most experienced and taking advantage of every minute on the lake. The other two had their share of activity and were happy to just look on instead of fishing. I decided to take them back to the dock around 1:30 as Marlin wasn’t feeling well due to the lack of sleep and all the sun on the water. Back out Rakeen & I went after the drop off and I thought we would set the lines and try a little trolling for more walleye. Within 45 minutes we had many reels go off and another bunch of walleye joined their buddies in the well. Pike, bass and walters were coming in regularly so I thought we would go back and see if we could get into more bass action before we called it quits for the day. It was definitely the right choice as Rakeen locked up on a real bruiser soon after we arrived. When it took to the air I knew it was big and another personal best was about to be broken, again! It was a real struggle at the boat as she bull dogged everywhere making it difficult to get in the net. Eventually I was able to scoop her up and Rakeen couldn’t believe his eyes! Although she wasn’t a five, she was surely in the high fours and well worth several pics. Too bad the others weren’t here to see the beast! A quick release after the shots and she bolted to the depths for security. We were both glad we decided to come back and fish for smallies instead of continuing to troll for walleye. After a few more smaller fish in this area I decided to call it a day and headed back to take out. Today had proved to be slow in starting but ended with a bang as Rakeen would remember at least one of his fish for a while. Along with the big bass he had caught his first walleye and a pile of others as well. I’m sure the next time he comes to Montreal he won’t have a hard time convincing his friends to spend another day on the water. I look forward to seeing them again, soon!!