Darren & Jack joined me today on another scorcher, looking for some smallmouth action. Temps were to reach into the mid 80’s and without any wind, almost unbearable. Water temps were still around 75 degrees when we started and it didn’t take long! We were drop shotting an area that was producing and today would be no different. Within a couple of hours we had landed a bunch of small to medium smallies, a few walleye and dropped a couple of real bruisers. When you’re directly on top of these footballs, it’s hard to keep some of them pinned. Both bass took to the air immediately like a rocket and came unpinned instantly. I estimated one to be in the mid fours and the other considerably larger! When the bite died, we switched locations and tactics and started hitting them on slowly moved senko’s. It felt like there was no current and the baits had to be almost dead-sticked in order to get bit. Here it was Jack that fended better and he managed to land several good smallies. Darren was having a tough go but still caught a few as well. I knew with these conditions that I was going to have to move around plenty and just kept covering water looking for the more aggressive biters. Throughout the afternoon, we had several fish on and landed a good part of them. This went on everywhere we stopped and I could tell that the fish were really lethargic by the way they bit. Although we did manage to get a bunch of decent fish throughout the day, it was a tough bite. We really had to slow down in order to monopolize on the areas we fished. These tough conditions always make for slower fishing but by giving the fish what they want at the speed they need, we were able to turn a slow day into a good one and come out on top!!