It’s rare that I have a weekend date available, but even rarer that both days are open. Christiane took advantage of this and we pleasure fished on both days for a variety of species. Saturday began with boats already out and it became even more insane as the day went along. Although there wasn’t much wind there were waves in all directions again and not much courtesy on the lake. Sailboats set up courses directly where I was trolling walleye and made it impossible for me to continue fishing the area. I decided to hit an alternate species and headed for smallmouth bass instead. We managed to get into several decent ones but nothing huge and shifted locations once again. With all this boat traffic, it was actually getting dangerous in certain areas and I had to be careful while running from place to place. Cruisers were the worst as they were mostly plowing through the water creating ship like rollers. Multiply this by the hundreds and you have the recipe for disaster! I decided to get away from all this turmoil and fished shallower areas of the lake just to be safe. We spent most of the day trolling flats and weedy areas all the while catching a number of walleye and bass. By 4:00 we had both seen enough and got off the lake while we still had our sanity. Despite the overpopulated waters today we still managed to catch plenty of fish to make this yet another good day to be out. Sunday was a totally different animal as we were practically alone on the lake today, with the weather forecast. They were announcing thunder showers and I think that scared everyone away! I figured we would take advantage of this and dropped the lines in and began the troll. Within 5 minutes the reel fired and Christiane was bringing in the first of many fish of the day. This one however was a real beauty at 26.5 inches and well worth a few pics before being released. What a way to start the day! Several more fish came in and some of the smaller ones were kept for a dinner that evening. Her family was coming over and I had to provide a meal for four, so I only harvested what we could eat. Once we had what we needed, I thought we would switch gears and try for some smallies elsewhere. Before I could bring in the lines, the board went off hard and a big black beauty was attached to the minnow bait. Christiane had a blast with this one and after quite a struggle to get to the board, she was finally able to fight it to the net. This was huge and almost weighed in at 5 pounds! Who says you can’t catch bass trolling? The run to our bass area was actually safe today and with the flat conditions, not rolling 4 footers like yesterday! We once again had a beautifully sunny day with air temps in the mid 80’s and it seemed like a weekday. I was pretty sure we wouldn’t get away with this for too long and tried to take advantage of the situation as long as it lasted. By the afternoon, it could all change! We began hammering smallies on jerkbaits and senkos in every area we fished for the remainder of our stay. With the water temps rising into the low 70’s the fish were active and eagerly eating our offerings. I thought we would try an hour or so of trolling for walleye again and packed up the bass rods for the day. The run this time wasn’t as nice as earlier, as people were now realizing that the weather was too nice to stay home. The “Flight of the Cruisers” were back and churning up the lake once again! I had to take alternate routes just to stay away from the waves and headed to the shallows again. With the jack plate I was able to run through only a few feet of water safely and avoid the afternoon rush hour traffic! We spent the last hour or so catching another 7 walleye before we called it a day. It was just after 3:00 and we thought getting off the lake a little early was wise today. Once again, despite the busy afternoon, we had a great day on the water loaded with plenty of action. Christiane had been able to take advantage of my lack of clients this weekend and catch a few real nice fish in the process. I on the other hand was just grateful to have lived through the long weekend and nobody got hurt!!