The lake was like a ghost town this morning as Scott & John joined me on the water. We were going to have a great day and I knew they were both going to have a “Grand Slam” when we were all done. It was like a mirror out there and without the weekend boat traffic, it looked like it would stay that way too! The humidity was still present and with the expected highs to reach the mid 80’s, it would be another scorcher. We began with a troll for walleye in an area that I had good results lately and it didn’t disappoint me again. Within 10 minutes the first reel went off and John was landing a pretty nice walleye of almost 19 inches. Unfortunately that was the only one to make it to the livewell from here and we needed to relocate. Oh we did manage to land several others but they were all just 15 inches and I knew we could do much better. Along with the short ones there was also a bunch of smallies and a few northerns thrown in for good measure! The second area produced a couple more walleye the same size, then nothing. It wasn’t going too good where we were but we were picking at fish about every 10 to 15 minutes. Both walleye and anorexic pike were coming aboard but not at the rate I was so accustomed to and I knew another change was about to occur. I packed up the trolling gear and pulled out the bass rods to change up the species and off we went. I guess this was the right decision as both Scott & John began catching smallies almost instantly. Senkos were once again responsible for the bulk of the fish but several were also taken on jerkbaits, crankbaits and an occasional spinnerbait. They were given the choice to remain on bass or switch back to the walleye trolling and both agreed to hammer the smallies for the remainder of the day. I covered all the best areas in the process and they managed to catch fish from each and every one that we stopped at. It had been several years since John had fished and he was right back in the game and on his “A” game too. Although he missed plenty of bass, he managed to catch more than he lost and in the process developed a love for the sport once more. It won’t be nearly as long the next time before he gets back out to tackle more of these powerful smallies! Scott and John are already making plans to hook up again for another spectacular fishing day and I’m ready for more! What a way to spend “Independence Day”!!